19 June 2005

Dr Evil's Other Brother, Reporting

Who says I'm lonely?

Got me major hootch, major boo-tay, rare culinary delicacies from Japan, fake Dunhills, and for all you know six or eight nuclear bombs.

That's nuclear, not noo-kyoo-ler, bombs.

Yeah, the big ones.

I'm Teh L33t.

No, I'm not lonely. My people, OTOH, are pretty much hurting.

I'm the hi-tech reporter to TikiPundit. Because, I'm the only pundit here who can summon Major Do0dZ to talk about science and Linux and P2P sharing of Nuke Intelligence. Plus, I dig a mean tunnel. You should check out what I did all over the DMZ. Talk about an Ant Farm!

Peace out. I got some six-poontan---- er, Six Party Talks to think about.


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