19 June 2005

E! On the Web

Hi all, remember me?

I know you missed me, but I've been working with my tax accountants and so on to make sure that I don't really become the blue-collar hero you think I am.

I'm so disgusting these days that I can barely stand to blog under my own name. So, I asked TikiPundit's graphic artists to use this old photo of me, which makes me look a lot more acceptable to chicks and such. So, if any h0T cHiCkZ out there wanna hook up, please email me at TikiPundit.

I'll cover entertainment and whatnot for TikiPundit, starting with my expose on Kaballah, which is currently being taught in American and Canadian schools. It's mandatory here, people, and the world needs to know it. And isn't it interesting how Kaballah rhymes with Ramallah and Hezbollah? It almost rhymes with Ocala and I'm doing a film on that right now. More on that to come... but right now I have to go make a film on Blogallah, my new idol.


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