19 June 2005

Noble Savage, Arriving


I'm singing "Unchained Melody," 'cause I'm unchained from all these Democrat namby-pamby boys and girls who just want to "get along" and go "across the aisle" for "bipartisan" productivity. And I'm "unchained" from sanity.


Just wanted to introduce myself to you and say that I will raise more money online for TikiPundit than I did for my presidential campaign! Move On can just 'move on' cause Howie's in the Polynesian Hut, baby! I gotta say that so I don't get my throat slit tonight by one of TikiPundit's Warriors. This Kapu and Mana business is a bitch, I'm telling you.

I'm gonna be writing about Evil Republicans and medical business. 'Cause I'm a doctor. Or so it says on my resume.


Well, it's off to my mandatory 14-hour shift in the taro field. I'll log in again soon.


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