19 June 2005

TikiPundit Arrives

I have arrived ashore in the land of flesh and skin, in the moments of creation and lava, of destruction and earthquake. I have moved many miles by starlight across the waves. Time has passed in a circular fashion as I moved. I am returned, utilizing "technology" to bring my followers my message. I have recruited from the best minds of the current political scene, and bent them to my willful way -- the way of Tiki.

I have arrived.

But now I must travel to Molokai and Kona, to Hilo and Kilauea, for remembrances and ceremonies, for picture-taking and eating. I must go for one week to the Gathering Place and the Sacred Fish-Ponds, for Daily Ablutions and Corner Posts, & Gawkers and ChronWatching, & CrimProfs and Instapunks. There is geopolitical surveying to be done, and I will fit my Recruits to work in the gaps of these Noble Chronicles, like a dry-stone wall is built according to my demands and principles. Kapu & Protocol will be met in this way, and these islands will prosper and sleep safe.

Until one week, then.


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