19 June 2005

Wasn't That Special?

The minons have checked in. I'm here on my Powerbook at Hono airport, addressing you through the Mystic known as Wi-Fi.

Let the minions rest from your barbed emails. They tarry in the taro fields for one week.

Let the no-shows beware. Rosie, Ellen, Ray, Carlson, Carson, Kofi, Jacques, Dianne, Barbara, Turban, Catherine, Robert, Al, Maureen, and you simpering Cloakroom Cowards. And you, 9th Circuit. The war canoes are launched to pick you up. You will all slave in the taro fields and fish-ponds to serve the necessary ends of humankind -- at my behest.

Once again, see you in a week. Or a week plus one day. Or two days. Hawaii time ain't for nothing, cuz.


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