19 June 2005

A Word About My Smile

Nance here. You know, I have tried and tried and cried to be a successful representative. And it shows. You can see how I represent my people, who are all lefties in the Bay Area and Marin (and no one else). You can tell by my power dress -- aren't the subdued buttons intimidating? You can tell by my choker -- it looks so Beltway but you'll never see me clutching pearls. I wear earrings but they say "VEGAN" in Swahili on them. And although it looks like I had major work done on my drooping Gesicht, in order to boost my allotted time on the Hill (like Lenin around Red Square), I'm actually an intelligent, vivacious go-getter who is working to better America. So please support me here on TikiPundit, so I don't get chopped up and ceremonially eaten. I haven't been told what subjects to address, so I'll play it by ear -- just as I've played my political career by ear haw haw, by mimicking the cries of the most deranged street filth in The City, my home and one of the best darn places on the planet to live, if you're crazy, homeless and stupid. In fact, I ask TikiPundit to call on me for all the "Crazy California" stories.


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