13 July 2005

TikiPundit's New Gig

I am pleased to announce, from my exalted talking stone here above my taro fields, that I am guestblogging at Cranky Neocon. I look forward to working with another fine blogger, Maximum Leader.

This does not mean that TikiPundit is going away. I have performed ceremonies and visited priests to chant spells on my writers, so that they slack not in my absence. Lest sudden winds and mudslides smite them in their impure state. And forget about "places of refuge." The guards are doubled around them.

Don't you worry, kapu will be rigidly enforced in my absence. Gerhard Schroeder will handle that--he's got the Teutonic makeup for discipline and adherence to rules.

So go on over and check out Cranky Neocon and Naked Villainy. And the rest of you, get back to work.


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