26 July 2005

Who's Working for Whom?

I can hear the rumblings in the taro fields. I am aware of your angst, and your thoughts of assumption while your Big Man is away.

But this Celestial Kahuna is not away, in the sense that you think. You who tarry in taro fields, who find fish and who produce poke, you are more under my care than ever. I am working on your behalf and though you see me not, you remain in my thoughts. See me at Cranky Neocon and be awed.

Now, as for Dean and Sullivan, be afraid. Be very afraid. I know that you tried to eat in the Women's Eating House, and that you defaced heiau sites on Molokai with Budweiser bottles, and that you failed to sight fish in the late afternoon sun at the fish ponds. You will pay for your transgressions with extra posts -- soon. When you see my sail on the horizon, back from lands east of which you know nothing, tremble. For TikiPundit is returning to the Gathering Place. Run now, if your legs can carry you, to the nearest Place of Refuge, lest my wrath be released on you and you be forced to shriek lies about Republicans and Army abuse again and again. Sacrificial altars await you.


Blogger The Maximum Leader said...

I think you've been doing a great job over at Cranky Neocon. You did yeoman's work while Gordon was away (and did the heavy lifting alone since I was putzy and didn't help out).

Hail Tiki!

Blogger Gordon said...

Indeed, Hail Tiki!


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