06 July 2005

A Word About the Olympics from the Site of G8 Summit

Gott in Himmel.

It's my solemn duty to report that Chirac is in the toilet, heaving, right now. He claims it's the Scottish food he just ate up here at the G8, but we just held an Old Europe Sidebar at the bar and decided that his problem has to do with the Olympics going to London in 2012. Or some year. I can't remember, and don't care because by then I'll be a regular "Klaus Kiste" sucking down my by-then homogenized Scheisskeller Bier and have to buy my tickets online in the lottery like everyone else.


But nonetheless, I feel sad for old Jacky.

He just got done saying the only thing the English had contributed to European agriculture was Mad Cow Disease.

And then one of his state-subsidized Air France planes hit a cow landing in Nigeria.

If that's not a Goethian poetic justice, then what is?

Alles verloren, alles.


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