03 August 2005

2-Minute Hawaii News

You know TikiPundit guest blog. TikiPundit watch carefully Cranky Neocon many days and weeks. TikiPundit check tides, stars, animal movements, shark appearances, rainfall in garden. Then TikiPundit make move. Steal idea from friend Cranky Neocon. Here come 2 minute news. But not total steal. Not for 160 page hits so far. TikiPundit now present:

2-Minute Hawaii News.

Just like Cranky Neocon, only about Hawaii only. Incomplete sentences only. That's easy. TikiPundit don't like Standard American English no mo'. Inefficient. Uni-cultural.

TikiPundit like pidgin. English, Hawaiian, Tagalog, Japanese, PacIslander. All mix up. Loco lingo. This real Hawaii speak, right now and current.

So here goes:

Biggest news first: Crazy 9th Circuit force big private Hawaiian school to stop being race-based school. Big will from Kamehamea made Hawaii only school. Big racism, say court. Next: Crazy slingshot guy. Item: Crazy real estate market islands some little less crazy today. Crazy guy beat up car. But it's OK, was a rental. ITEM: Lotta argue fight over rail system Oahu. This big issue, deserve TikiPundit appearance in shark disguise County meeting. ITEM: Haole in Honolulu little bit happier today. Not usually happy at all. Take picture graffiti. Take picture homeless. Run around Waikiki, take picture, worry about job. Mo bettah get job, take night picture after job finish.


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