06 August 2005

2-Minute Hawaii News

Big protest today all over Hawaii. Islands aflame with passion and tension. Polish up canoes, tighten strings on war clubs. Get some new ink. No, dis not over the ban-alcohol-at-UH-football games business. Dis over Kamehameha Schools. Dose private schools for Hawaiians only. So protest today. But not protest 14-year old Kapolei schoolboy, hold knife on teacher. Not protest terrible middle- and high-school test scores. Not protest state have to lower No Child Left Behind standards so all the kids don't get left behind to hold knives on teachers and start brush fires. Not protest 'cause school system stinks. Not even protest have to pay tuition put kid in private school so he don't grow up too dumb to get job. Protesting instead have to let haole into private Kamehameha school system. Gonna be a rally on Maui, a pule and mele on Molokai, praying on the Big Island, and a march through poverty-stricken Kailua.

If Akaka Bill had passed, this would be no problem fo anyone.

Meanwhile, Turtle Bay versus unions just got nastier. TB says Local 5 union "illegally got" (stole) customer lists and contacted them to support Local 5. That hotel messed up inside and out. Years of fighting union. Tens of millions in renovation. No one want job North Shore. TikiPundit says take hotel away, leave North Shore free of unsightly business, jobs or sustainable income. Dis much better fo real estate prices. Everyone know blight keeps prices down. Hotel is a blight. Union 5 is a blight.

Why cut hair? Ask tree people La'ie. Busted fo cut hair 22-year old woman. No barber shop cut. Cut two a.m. in da morning wit knife. I hope police can tell later, why cut hair. Maybe it was a TB vs Union 5 fight.

Good news here. No one steal water like Alamagordo, New Mexico. Why steal water? Water is life. Who steal life? Only killers. Plenty of life here. Come over, visit.


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