22 August 2005

Akaka Bill: Today Governor Lingle on the Mike Buck Radio Show

Gov. Lingle was on the Mike Buck radio show (KHVH, 830 am) out here today, talking about the Akaka Bill. She made a few points, at least the points I heard while I was stuck on the H1 heading home. And by stuck, I mean stuck. Jeez, you give dah people some cars and cash and man, they hit the road. Not like you gonna drive far here, anyway. So why bother? Just walk to beach and have some barbecue.

Anyway, the governor said:
--The Akaka Bill preserves benefits to native Hawaiians that are under legal attack.
--It enshrines guarantees granted native Hawaiians received from Congress, and later as part of Hawaii's admittance as a state
--Hawaii ain't gonna secede (darnit, I was hoping to take over as the only Hawaiian god with high-speed internet)
--No casinos (boy, I could really start to dislike this governor)

I think she was intimating (but she didn't say this) that unidentified entities would like to get their hands on Hawaiian Homelands. Those are Congressionally-set aside lands (big-time acreage) for native Hawaiians.

I could see that, because I can see what real estate is going for right now. But I don't know that for a fact.

The audio will be up in mp3 in a few days here. Check it out. Mike's a good radio host. He makes my afternoon life on the H1 more bearable.

Speaking of which, the Guvette also talked about the whole mass transit thing and why didn't didn't oppose the recent tax increase, made without a plan for how to spend the money being prepared yet. She noted complaints about how the new housing out on West Oahu is directly affected by mass transit, or lack of it.

On another note, there was talk about why a gas cap is a bad idea for Neighbor Islands. If oil companies are capped on how much they can charge, they could be less inclined to ship gas over there, if they start losing money due to a price cap. I got no opinion on it. It's a possibility, of course, but my truck sit Waikiki. Not because your friendly local Hawaiian god is smart, just experienced.

Dis KHVH also got Rick Hamada, in dah morning, when you not lissen ESPN sports radio. Pretty good guy there, too.


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