18 August 2005

Akaka Clears the Air (Just Wish He Could Clear the H1)

I heard from Mike on drive-home radio today that Senator Akaka responded about his comments over on (hold your nose) NPR (see transcript URL below). He doesn't foresee independence for Hawaii. Here's his clarification press release.

I shouldn't care but I'm glad to hear this. I think Akaka is a straight shooter, not an agendist or looking for some cultural pork to bring back to Hawaii. There's plenty of people in the Senate and the House who behave like monkeys. I think Akaka's a good rep for the state in Congress who seems to keep his nose clean in a dirty town and only comes to the forefront on issues he feels passionate about.

Besides that, he just made me an offering. Thanks, Dan.

Now, the NPR business has hit the blog harder than all the legislative maneuvering a thousand senators could achieve. So a "blogstorm" is brewing.

Ignore the rest, stay with the best. And that's me, your friendly local Hawaiian god. While parties left and right go koo-koo, only TikiPundit is on the island, in the mix, observing, reporting and opining on the good, the bad and the ugly around S.147. Only TikiPundit gonna tell you like it is. TikiPundit and Mike, that is, who saves me everyday I gotta drive home down the H1. Maybe I get dah cellar phone, order Mike put me on dah show everyday, let world hear TikiPundit. That would go down bigger than Emperor Hirohito in 1945. First time locals heard his voice, telling 'em the gig was up.


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