04 August 2005

Cloning Dogs, Soldiers and Food But Not Hans Blix


I bet you were excited to read this story about Snuppy, the Korean cloned dog. The lapdog, lackey, running dog Seoul press were told by the United States to portray this "cloning" as a "South" Korean story.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Snuppy is my dog and he was Made in Pyongyang. He was my birthday present.

See? I told you TikiPundit made me the hi-tech guy on this blog. And now you got hi-tech. Cloning.

Next, I'm gonna clone some food for my people. The usual stuff -- rice, cabbage, meat, opium poppies and meth labs. And then I'm gonna clone my Dad, Kim. 'Cause I'm really tired of getting beaten up by the UAEA and the UN and all those people for stuff he started. Cut me some slack, Kofi! I'm a beaten man!


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