28 August 2005

From Baseball Caps to Gas Caps

Hawaii's world-champion little leaguers come home, but will their parents be able to drive them home from the airport?

The Hawaii gas price cap has been enacted, and will take effect on 1 September. Naturally, gas hoarding is feared. But that's not the biggest fear.

Although the Honolulu Red Star-Bulletin says don't overreact, real people think like real people. There's no company gas card for people who don't work at the Star-Bulletin. The S(o)B is in agreement with Hawaii legislators that the public should "wait and see what happens." This experimentalism would be in concert with Adam Smith's "invisible" hand of free economy, except for the fact that the state legislature is influencing gas prices. It's almost enough to make you wonder who is feeding local politicians.

Except that TikiPundit, as an established local Hawaiian god, is above all that.

Still, your friendly local Hawaiian god is concerned for the people who, not receiving competent information from their elected servants, are reduced to procuring five-gallon Jerry cans out of pure, blind fear. Life becomes crazy in these moments, and TikiPundit is all about a relaxed island lifestyle.

Besides, how far removed from reality do you have to be to understand that this particular "gas cap" will actually raise gas prices? About as far removed as a state legislator. The most enthusiastic of them say only "let's see how it goes." That's pretty pathetic.

For an island whose self-described natives treasure their history, these legislators seem intent on revising -- when not burying -- the history of price caps. It's a shame you elect someone to office and they ack like the whole world is new to them. Maybe there shoudl be an audit -- kind of a "No Legislator Left Behind" test where candidates have to prove some level of competence in history.

That a gas cap appeals to elected locals does not speak well to the quality of a Hawaii education.

Volokh notes the cheerful experimentality of this gas cap business, though without personally suffering the consequences.


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