16 August 2005

John Roberts -- Papist

Our Maximum Leader succinctly points out the whole "good Papists/bad Papists" thing over at Naked Villiany. To the Left, good Catholics are the likes of champion canal-swimmer and gin-guzzler Ted Kennedy, who is never seen within 500 meters of a church (owing to the stabbing pains in his eyes he gets every time he sees a crucifix). To the Right, good Catholics are the likes of SCOTUStista John Roberts, who is -- well, abiding by the faith, so far as we know. ML understands that when religion comes into political play (unlike, say, investigative reporting on a religionist's underage children), special place is reserved for Catholics. Sure, could be the whole abortion thing, but Catholics don't hold a unique position on that. It could certainly be the whole sleaze/priest thing, because it seems like every left-leaning Victimist in America can recite some Bad Thing (tm) that happened to him. And it could be that the Church holds major sway because it's, like, its own country with ambassadors and borders and letterhead.

In any event, as ML (again) points out (why am I even writing this? go to his site), nothing in America seems to split the disturbed mind of the Left as much as the Roman Catholic Church. And to them I say, happy schizophrenia, clown(s). We'll be further up the path of progress when you're released from the institution.


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