25 August 2005

TikiBits Thursday

ITEM: A cap on gasoline prices, starting 1 September, was enacted by the Hawaii government. Where's the tax cap?

ITEM: They haven't even got the darn thing passed yet and already the Akaka Bill is getting amendments. I disagree with Pravdatiser writer Derrick DePledge's assertion that the bill has been"held for five years because of Republican opposition." It's been held for five years because of poor writing and worse marketing.

ITEM: That gas cap is flexible, so it's not like a CAP cap -- like on a bottle, that stops the liquid inside from leaking. It's more like a diaper on a baby's bottom. Works for a while, but won't hold it back forever.

ITEM: Electricity prices in the islands are up over 16% against the same time last year.
Shh--don't say it!
"Nuclear power."
Awwww, you said it.

ITEM: Here's an article on people who re-discovered their minimal native American heritage and used it to their advantage. Everybody out in Hawaii should be doing this. Last night on TV, they were pushing the Hawaiian Registry in ads. I think there will be a gas subsidy for natives. That oughta motivate you to sign up!

ITEM: About 59 cents of the prices of on gallon of Hawaii gas is tax payment.

ITEM: Hawaii residents pay more than double per kilowatt hour than Mainlanders do.

ITEM: The bridge in Haleiwa is getting fixed, finally. Thank goodness! It's too narrow for modern vehicles. I get worried every time I drive my SUV over it to go steal electricity.

ITEM: Boy, if a few turtles get them upset, those North Shore locals are really gonna get mad when tourists flock to see my new gas-guzzling 200-foot outrigger canoe.

ITEM: Leave you on a high note: this just in -- gas on Oahu, now averaging $2.75 per gallon retail, could shortly shoot to $2.87 a gallon due to the implementation of the price cap.


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