23 August 2005

TikiBits Tuesday

Man, can you believe it's Tuesday already? Seems like it was just Monday.

ITEM: Kamehameha Schools is asking the full 9th Circuit Court to rehear its admission case, which it lost once. The school system wanna get more judges involved. School still can't belive that wacky 9th Circuit couldn't support its defense against non-Hawaiian amisshun. Lolo court anyway. Dat court overturned more than heads-tails coin game.

ITEM: Big debate lass nite on TV Akaka Bill. Your friendly local Hawaiian god dinnt watch. Mo' bettah read baseball news. September 6th to stop delaying vote on bill in Senate. Poll by biased Office of Hawaiian Affairs (a state office) says most support Akaka Bill. Not believed. Udda poll said opposite. Reality somewhere in between.

ITEM: Man stole car from woman yesterday at Mokule'ia Beach. Woman was naked. Made press some reason.

ITEM: Littoral explosions at HAVO on Big Island on 19 August. Pele slumbers restless in her sleep. Dis bettah meeting of land and sea than famous Big Sur. And happen' ri' heah Hawaii:


Blogger The Maximum Leader said...

Tiki, Tiki, Tiki... Look at you. Item number three begs, nay!, screams put up a picture... Yet no photos are forthcoming. I seem to remember that polynesian women always walk around naked. Or at least topless. Proof man! Proof!


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