31 August 2005

Two Minute News Wednesday Plus Some

Big celebrations over Little League World Series win. 700 at airport to greet team long flight from Mainland. Humvee limos times two took boys to big party over Ewa. Boys learned alot, mostly, how to persevere to reach goals. Bet a buncha them end up successful and tenacious in adulthood.

No one knows for sure what Hurricane Katrina will do for Hawaii's gas prices. But remember, we have a gas price cap. Right? Right??

Big report out Mainland about poverty up. Suspicions rest on bad journalism. Biased journalism. But say poverty up. Out here Hawaii, no problem, man. Household income up, poverty numbers down. Average income $54,841. 8.9 percent live in level set by feds, down from 10.3 percent in 2003. How about dat?

Hawaii Liquor Commission still got problems, blowback, lack of public trust. Can't raise license fees because no one over heah believe dey trussworthy.

Plant new trees Kuhio Avenue Waikiki. Beautify. Make tourists happy. Now cut down. Big problem drivers can't see, can't steer. Hit stuff. Cost $105k to remove. Thanks for planning, Honolulu. All ready for your planning big light rail system. Maybe train tracks get removed soon too.

Record numbah tourists come Hawaii in July. TikiPundit not surprised. Where else you wanna go but Hawaii?

E. Coli hits four on Oahu. TikiPundit got steel stomach, but some newcomers may have trouble with smalltime restaurants. Like dem chains, some of dirtiest kitchen's you'll ever see. Not gonna name dem, but you know dem. Dey in your town, in big town, in Vegas, in Waikiki. How much you wanna bet E. Coli came from them? TikiPundit eats plate lunch all over Hono, nevah get sick. Eat BBQ, eat picnic, take sushi two hour drive out deah, eat on beach North Shore. No problem. Eat one time Red Lobster, bad bad time in bathroom. TikiPundit direct: Chain restaurants are kapu.

One mo' t'ing:
National Review Online is a great read. I read. But Kathryn Jean Lopez torpedoes her own arguments against the Akaka Bill with this flip ending to her post: "Ask Greg Brady what happens when you mess with ancient, bad taboos. You don't want to go there, Congress." KJL, you don't know from ancient, bad taboos. Greg Brady don't know, either. Hawaiians know all about what happens when you mess with taboos. She makes some other dismissive, flip comments about life in Hawaii, too, but those aren't intelligent enough to warrant comment.

I also want to highlight a couple of excellent links.
The Fiftieth Star is an excellent blog covering Hawaii issues. I didn't even know it existed until I got linked. Glad I got linked, 'cause I checked it out. Makes TikiPundit look like TinyPundit on Hawaiian issues. Make me wanna go down taro field, work field myself in shame. Sweat out dah shame.

The ASG Critique may be the only blog out there covering American Samoa issues. A must read for Pacific Islanders, or fans of the Pacific Islands. Samoans and Samoan culture in the USA are badly overlooked. If TikiPundit was bigger and knew more about the language, he'd slap a Samoa decal on his truck and go cruising. TikiPundit needs a Samoa T-Shirt but doesn't wanna get called out by a local.


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