06 August 2005

Why Am I So Successful With the Ladies?


Many people come from afar, like Wonson, to marvel at me. This is because of my big fat intellect. Even the running-dog
Western press has been forced to acknowledge my mental stones.

Because I don't forget anything, I can remember every porn movie in my collection, every bad meal I ever ate, and every bad decision I ever made. That last one is easy -- I never made ANY! I'm so smart, look how far I've taken the DPRK. A long time ago, I told Dad that I could be a dear leader if I could get to the kids. That's how I got into 1970s era heavy metal rock. I dug Deep Purple, Foghat and my favorite bands Scorpions and Iron Maiden.

And I can remember all their lyrics and their riffs and I play the drums perfectly, since the first time I picked up a pair of sticks.

Remember that next time you see me hanging around the 6-Party Talks. Emphasis on Party!!


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