30 September 2005

Foto Friday

Kaena Point, NW Oahu, Hawaii. (c) 2005 TikiPundit. Dat art right dere.

29 September 2005

Twenny Seven Cent Gas Hike Coming

Big gas price coming nex Monday. 27 cent increase coming real soon now.

Honolulu Red Star Bulletin got fancy graphic, show all:

Big problem state government. Can't figure nothin' out. Made big mistake, gas cap. Used Gulf Coast as one place figure out gas price. Other two were New York and Washington DC. Maybe LA one. Wha' happen when NY and DC get crisis too?

You can manage system any way you like. TikiPundit manage data all day long. Know how to put in, what to put in, how to use, abuse, extrude what people wanna see. TikiPundit don't do dat, but know how. Become second nature, you look data long enough many many years. Used to be, statistics lie. Now, smart people can make data lie. Make data Politically Correct. Bad time for science, engineering, medicine USA.

By dah way, learn today dat only 30% Hawaii refinery gasoline stay Hawaii. Ress go out oddah islands down sout. Mean add price to gas here fo shipping, mean add price to gas there, shipping and handling.

24 September 2005

Two Minute News Sunday

ITEM: What dat mean? Natatorium. I nevah know. It's a swimming pool and stands by the water in Waikiki. Still trying to proteck. Because it's a war memorial too. Mean, war dead memorial.

ITEM: Nuddah war memorial item sinking into history. The Visitors Center at the USS Arizona Memorial is sinking. That was built on landfill dredged from Pearl Harbor. Gonna cost a lot to fix and improve. 40 million people have visited the Memorial since 1980.

ITEM: First the President in trouble for crazy FEMA appointment. Arabian Horse an' all dat. Now Gov Lingle ack same crazy. Had to pick Democrat as state rep after the incumbet -- some guy, Ken something -- decide quit. He got bettah offer. Had to be Democrat and from same District, dass dah rulez. So muss be good buddy sometin'. Girlfrien' network, sometin'. So pick lady name Beverly Harbin. Big fail business lady. Owes six figure tax. Got liens, everything. Is that not crazy? Who hires somebody who has a bad track record in management? Bush, now Lingle. Dass who. Lingle outta be ashamed, come out my place, make offerings of atonement and regret. Right now bad move. If Harbin ends up managing the light rail project, gonna manipulate the WX again, bring sharks from sea, bring mudslides and volcanoes, earthquake. By the way, Harbin calls the pointing out of her financial mismanagement "mudsling politics." Nice. She don' care--'cause she got hers. So all of you just drop dead. Cause Harbin is another class act from their side of the aisle.

ITEM: Look like gas price drop next week. Ripple effect. Go up week after dat. Juss lahk dat.

ITEM: Hui Malama I Na Kupuna 'O Hawaii Ne won a victory in the 9th Circuit Court (aka Court of Jesters) when they overturned a lower court decision to return 83 Native Hawaiian artifacts that got returned to the land, in a cave on Hawaii. Good news is, it's the right thing to do. Bad news is, the 9th Circuit is the craziest judicial institution in the US, just this side of Larry, Moe and Curly in black robes. The legal battle goes on. No one got guts come my heiau fight real battle on dis subjeck.

ITEM: How crazy dis world?? Crazy enough to "rescue" eight dolphins that got swept away during Hurricane Katrina... swept away into the sea they came from! Is there a People for the Ethical Treatment of Dolphins? How you call dis "rescue"? Like "rescuing" prisoners that break outta jail? You tink dey wanna go back? What dat word? "Sanctimonious." Sanctimonious "rescuers." Sorry, Flipper, I know you like the ocean and the freedom to swim where you wanna be, but we're rescuing you back to your 40ft tank. So we can study you and help all the other dolphins that we haven't yet "rescued."

ITEM: Wanna see what's ahead for Kamehameha Schools? Check out the prediction of lawsuits if the Catholic Church bans gays from seminaries. Dat relate? Yeah. Ripple effect, of anuddah kine.

23 September 2005

Foto Friday

The North Shore.

19 September 2005

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Two Minute News Tuesday

ITEM: Hawaii gas prices are tops in the nation. There's a lot of scuffling over here about whether the gas cap influenced the price. Dems are afraid of being tainted, even if unfairly. Too bad they didn't do the estimative math beforehand. Or put some thought into the cap law. It would be easy to defend if they'd done that. This leads almost automatically to the major question any citizen has when grading the results of the work of elected politicians. Do our leaders know what the effect of the excise tax will be? Do they understand what they're getting into with a railroad? Do they know what the cost is of fighting the courts over Kamehameha Schools will be? Do they understand the implications of the Akaka Bill? Demonstrations of intelligence today (or demonstrations of lack thereof) will influence citizens tomorrow.

ITEM: The Akaka Bill has been rewritten to address concerns of the Justice Department and the Executive Branch. Sen. Akaka is still working to get a cloture vote. The changes address the right of the USA and the State of Hawaii to assert immunity over Native Hawaiian claims of various natures. But you know, this means that OHA is also immune, something that will not make nationalist Hawaiians very happy.

ITEM: Hui Malama I Na Kupuna 'O Hawaii Nei says their members will go to jail rather than turn over 83 artifacts they re-appropriated and returned to resting places in Hawaii. The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands owns the property into which the artifacts were returned. Your friendly local Hawaiian god supports Hui Malama I Na Kupuna 'O Hawaii Nei, warts and all in this case. The 83 items were originally uncovered and sold to the Bishiop Museum in 1905, for a price approximating 30 pieces of silver. Sold. 'Nuff said.

ITEM: Your friendly local Hawaiian god was distressed to read that Kamehameha Schools is planning to sell off 83 acres of property in Kamilonui Valley to developers. They want to put up 200 homes. The idea is to get the locals, who use the property for home-farming, to bug out. TikiPundit thinks that the timing is wrong, given the Noble Hawaiian image KS is trying to project in the courts right now. Besides that, I think that suburbs stink and that the islands are being overdeveloped to the detriment of the government's ability to handle competent infrastructures that benefit the taxpayers it works for.

ITEM: The big South Shore surf is over. Whew! I bet dem lifeguards are tired of pulling tourists out of the surf. You got three, four activiities over here that really benefit the taxpayer: police, firemen, lifeguards. And TikiPundit.

16 September 2005

Foto Friday

The one they come for. The one they crowd up. Waikiki Beach. (click for larger image.)

14 September 2005

Two Minute News Wednesday

ITEM: Gas hitting about $3.60 on Oahu, four bucks on Neighbor Islands. People promising it's going to go down next week. I don't see no sign of people driving less -- least not on the H1 -- but MSM out here is reporting that and generally hyping up TheBus. The local Public Utilities Commission was busy sending out letters this week to the Guv and the state Legislature warning about some bad stuff, like a terminal owner on Maui is rationing the gas that goes to each station. The Guv says wait-n-see. The people say wait-n-pray.

ITEM: Back in the day, the Honolulu airport expanded, building another runway on landfill. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs sued, wanting revenue for 'ceded lands.' (That mean, ceded from TikiPundit and the other gods.) The Hawaii Supreme Court wisely gave a quiet 'no' to the ambitious and acquisitive Office, citing federal law that prohibits airport revenues from being used for non-airport uses. What dat mean? Mean OHA has to go out, get special Big Island land parcel reserved for Hawaiians for some other reason, and with some other money. The Fiftieth Star teaches your friendly local Hawaiian god about OHA's (probably unintended, but) misguided intentions for Native Hawaiians. Thank Kana your friendly local Hawaiian god not eligible for Kamehameha Schools -- otherwise, might have to live in poverty in order to benefit fishing rights. Instead, TikiPundit rely on self-sufficiency these days, except for the occasional food and gasoline donations left down the hill from his heiau.

ITEM: Keoni Martin over at the thoughtful Discursive Oikology (wha' dat mean?) posts an impressive but, in my opinion, misguided, Hawaiian posture regarding those troubled times overlapping King and Kolony. He writes in "The Real Conservatives" on 09 Sep 2005, "But if you want to see a conservative culture, look at Hawai'i as it was: a kingdom of pious Christians, who at the same time preserved their old traditions and their connection with the land." I take issue with the imagery of the "pious Christian" of whom there is enough evidence showing that he was casting covetous eyes on the wealth of the land and the naiveté of the locals even as kings and queens and wannabe kings and queens postured and used Victorian-era tools (media, Western politics, immigrants, US Marines, foreign law, displays of martial might) to bend same to their way. Pious? No way. More deals harming the simple agrarian (read: Stone Age) culture of pre-Colonial Hawaii were struck in church pews on Oahu than were hammered out with bilateral agreements, laws, and warships. The coming of the West was a tsunami, whether you're an angry Hawaiian or a happy Westerner. There was damage to all.

ITEM: Keep eye out. Blog started: The Loco Moco Page. Foodies rejoice!

ITEM: Foodies now officially outta da minds: University of Hawaii web page call Local Kine Recipes v2.0. Dass too much! Check it out, everyt'ing gonna break da mout'. 14 kinds kimchee, spam musubi, lomi salmon plus lomi-lomi salmon, char siu cuz, sweet bread, two kine lau lau, and chili and rice, dat my fave all da time. Man, I'm so hungry right now I can't think straight. No wonder they call these islands the home of Pacific Rim Fusion Cuisine -- too much mix. No Native Hawaiian gonna complain about dat, at least!

11 September 2005

Ten-Minute News Sunday

ITEM: Progress on the Akaka Bill was delayed because Congressional legislation on Hurricane Katrina relief took precedence. It'll be at least two or three weeks until any further movement happens. Governor Lingle's in DC to honcho what she can. I tell you, if Lingle can work to get some bipartisan support (from the masses, I mean, not elected a**es) for this kind of bill, given the resistance from some quarters, she'll be moving on to national prominence. A female Republican who can navigate tricky waters and succeed? Lingle could end up as the anti-Boxer, the anti-Feinstein in the Senate. Who didn't have to reverse-carpetbag her way in, like Billary did. But that'd be a step down since she'd have to live in DC most of the time, 'stead of Hawaii. On the other hand, neither Inouye nor Akaka are slowing down that we can see. So what's in Lingle's future? How about she take over the Interior Department and see out the disposition of a successful Akaka Bill and its impact on Hawaii?

ITEM: Boy over at Kamehameha Schools quit after the school told him to cut his hair. 14-year old never had haircut. Waist-len'. Kamehameha says boys' hair can't reach below earlobes or touch top of collar. This cuts to the heart, since your favorite local Hawaiian god prefers Molokai.

ITEM: Couldn't see this coming. Over on Kauai and Maui, residents -- you know, people who actually live there and pay sales taxes and such -- own 80% of property. That means Mainlanders and foreigners own the other 20% and stay away. Use the places as getaways. Loss of income from taxes means local governments are suffering. The high percentage of out-of-state owners impacts the quality of life -- roads, water mains, beach cleanups, fire departments -- of the locals. How does the "Invisible Hand" fix that?

ITEM: This is kinda funny. The Urban Dictionary definition of moke is... "Anyone (Usually of Hawaiian ancestry) who actively participates in one or more of the following moke activities:
--Bodysurfing with McDonalds Tray
--Hawaiian Canoe Paddling
--Driving a Lifted Pickup
--Listening to Reggae/Jawaiian Music
--Playing an ukulele
--Stealing shoes/slippahs
--Smoking Weed
There is one mandatory qualification though... For one to be a full fledged "moke", one must be well versed if not fluent in pidgin English."

If you haven't taken the test yet, check it out at over head.

ITEM: Over at 50th Star, Grant Jones writes about a cheesehead bookstore that offers 10% off UH textbooks. Revolution Books -- naaaah, you can figger out what they're about. Pimping tired old DWM (Dead White Males) ideas on Marxism and class consciousness and stuff. Means of Production controlled by workers, argh. It's endless and dull and dead and out of date, that whole thing. But the people who run Revolution Books aren't as dumb as their politics look. They got a good grip on capitalism. First, they're undercutting competition to drive up in-store business. Yeah, capitalism! Second, they're giving kickbacks to professors who recommend using the store for students to purchase mandatory classroom books. 'Ray, capitalism! Think about it dis way, it's not as bad as it looks. One day, gonna see new sign over door: Capitalism Books.

ITEM: Hawaii Dems: It's too early to get into the Katrina blame game. Remember, CNN is still filming corpses. Now, behave and stop trying to re-win the 2004 Presidential Campaign.

ITEM: Mina, knock it off. Your side of the isle pushed the gas cap. It looks bad when you try to roll it back a few cents. Think of the integrity of your party. Think of the amazingly detailed analysis that went into the Democratically-pushed gas cap agenda. Think of the emerging reports of small gas stations on the islands that are not receiving gasoline due to the economic pressures caused by the cap.

ITEM: If you live on Maui but lack the right blood mix to get into Kamehameha Schools, here's an alternative. No word yet on whether these guys are putting out T-Shirts for agendists to wear.

ITEM: Ancient site cleanup over on Kauai.

The Integrity of Your Ancestors (and Recently-Deceased Relatives)

People, I told you once how grotesque it was to deal in human remains and to use halls of justice and law to make egocentric points (and cash) through the wielding of bones and teeth as tools of your smaller agendas. I told you flat out to stop pimping bones, and to let the dead have their rest.

CNN thinks different. Like any good corporation, focused on the bottom line of a financial ledger, it operates without genuine regard for the public it claims to benefit. Here's CNN's September 9th internal memo defining the dignity of the dead on the Gulf Coast:

"To: CNN Staff
From: Jim Walton
In response to official statements earlier today that news media would be excluded from covering the victim recovery process in New Orleans and surrounding areas on the suggestion that what is reported may offend viewers' or victims' sensibilities, CNN has filed a lawsuit in federal court to prohibit any agency from restricting its ability to fully and fairly cover this story.
As seen most recently from war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq, from tsunami-ravaged South Asia and from Hurricane Katrina's landfall along the Gulf, CNN has shown that it is capable of balancing vigorous reporting with respect for private concerns. Government officials cannot be allowed to hinder the free flow of information to the public, and CNN will not let such a decision stand without challenge."

What that mean? Means, just like we got to released pictures of caskets at Dover Air Force Base, we'll do the same on Katrina victims.

Funny. Four years ago today, CNN would not show people dying in the Twin Towers (Europe was all over it of course, their mainsteam media outlets having long ago abandoned any sense of dignity).

Somewhere along the way, CNN got the idea that it is a public service organization instead of a for-profit corporation. At some point, CNN got the idea that it serves the public interest to photograph corpses of individuals whose families might first learn of and confirm their fate at the top of the hour.

This is beyond wrong. It is perverse. Faces Of Death-like programming does not belong on the news. It does not belong in prime time. It is not justified by the financial bottom line. It is not normal for CNN employees to work towards this type of product. They are not normal for pushing it.

Unfortunately, the federal government decided not to challenge CNN. I guess the guv'ment is in friendly-mode right now, since the Feds were only marginally more prepared for Katrina than the local yokels. So CNN gets to show all the bloated floaters it wants to, and make a ton of cash along the way. Of course, there are "emotional distress" lawsuits, but that doesn't take away from the inherent violation of human rights that comes with airing someone's dead sister on the six o'clock news while relatives are frantically trying to reach her cell phone.

One thing's for sure: don't get in the way of a big corporation trying to make money unless you got deep pockets.

Now. Here's some good. Serious and related good. Mainsteam media ought to cover this. Hui Malama I Na Kupuna O Hawai`i Nei (Group Caring For the Ancestors of Hawai`i) thinks different about remains, and dignity in general:

Check out this chant they use:

Na makou e malama i na iwi o ko makou kupuna
Nana mo`o e malama i kou makou iwi
A ho`omau ka lokahi o kakou

That translates as

We will care for the bones of our ancestors
Our children will care for our bones
As we continue this interdependency.

Perhaps people in the Gulf Coast should start a similar group, and remove photographs and video of the dead from the grasping hands of reporters, just as Hui Malama I Na Kupuna O Hawai`i Nei has successfully defended the dead from from acquisitive colonial-era museums.

10 September 2005

The Price Gap is a Gas

As your friendly local Hawaiian god drove his twenty ton diesel-powered amphibious war canoe through the darkness of pre-dawn Waikiki on the way to work yesterday morning, he noticed two things.

First, a lot of tourists who fly out here get jet lag and they're awake at four a.m., wandering the sidewalks looking at menus and trying to figure out which way dah beach in dah dark. And some more of them are trying to work off jet lag by jogging down by Ala Wai Canal. Jogging might be a good way to travel these days, what with gas prices and all. As for that first bunch, go over to the Wailana Coffee Shop, 24-hours of goodness there and plenty of seats.

Second, he noticed that price of SuperDooper Maxo-Premium unleaded gas at the Ohana 'n' Haole Trading Post was $3.399. That's $3.40 for regular folks. Seems like only a few weeks ago it was about $2.90. That was before the price cap. The word on the street is that Real Soon Now, expect it to be $3.80, and more on neighbor islands.

Real Soon Now--what's that mean? Means Monday.

Our esteemed senior Senator Inouye is looking the wrong way about this whole gas price thing. He wants an investigation into price-gouging. I recommend the senator turn around, face the Hawaiian Nation's state's citizens and investigate the exuberant local Democrats out here who voted in the darn thing without any way of knowing what the effect would be. Maybe make 'em take an IQ test. Those local pols voted for the cap the same way they voted for the public transport tax -- on potential possibilities and undefined potentialities. And that's not smart government.

Now excuse me while I go down the hill to check out my donations. I'm hoping to get some ahi, some ti leaves, some poi and a fifty-five gallon can of gas.

09 September 2005

Foto Friday

Halawa Bay, Molokai. Home of my ancestors. Some say the first visitors to the Hawaiian Islands landed here. This is where I studied.

04 September 2005

Hurricane Katrina Sunday News

WHAT? Nobody's covering Domestic Issues? I see. Specialization too much. Got Dean, Kerry, Moore, Pelosi, all farmed out to their special niches. Juss lahk dat? I'll fix that. But for now, TikiPundit take time away from doctoral dissertation proving existence of aumakuas to post news on Hurricane Katrina:

US Press News explores the problems some evacuees are having.

Pug Bus reports that after the uncertainty of the Saints and the Hornets, another New Orleans institution, Mardi Gras, will be

With all the (false) accusations about Guard troops being unavailable in Louisiana because they were fighting the Eeeeevil War on Terror (EWOT), it's reassuring to read this that those troops will soon be relieved so they can return home to help with cleanup and crowd control.

I don't think this fellow is seeing the big picture.

Here's an inspiring story of how some have received comfort amid all the tragedy. It's nice to know that conveniences can still be had in New Orleans.

Yet others are inconvenienced by the rescue effort, according to The Enduring Vision.

Meanwhile, over in Florida, residents are being cautioned not to get complacent.

Two Minute News Sunday

ITEM: Ban on alcohol still being considered at UH football games. Stadium income, rent, as well as rednecks fighting, all at stake. Two people got thrown out of the stadium during the USC game, but no one was arrested.

ITEM: Why privatization works: Tulane University, a private school, evacuated its entire student body from New Orleans to Jackson, MS, in one day, the day before the hurricane hit, according to a couple of Hawaiians going to school there.

ITEM: Tuesday evening, the Senate will vote to close debate on the Akaka Bill.

ITEM: Politicians over here are already pondering, calculating, estimating the effect that their gas cap ruling and Hurricane Katrina will have on their so-called careers.

ITEM: Help Wanted: A Democrat to take on Gov. Lingle in 2006. Some wags are suggesting the Dems should just clone her.

ITEM: Leonard Peters, UH team captain, was putting some major hit on USC's boys yesterday -- albeit in a blowout. But he got a sprained knee too (or a partially-torn ligament according to the Pravdatiser). That guy Peters was tough -- tough -- against the Nr 1 team, and so were about half the players. It was good to see some guts out there, when most teams line up against USC like quivering JVers against the senior squad.

ITEM: Bad: US District Judge orders native Hawaiian group Hui Malama I Na Kupuna 'O Hawai'i Nei to return 83 "lots" of human remains from their cave resting place to the Bishop Museum. This is terrible no matter what side of the Hawaiian identity debate you're on. (And I'm on the side that gets me the most free labor for my fields and fish-ponds.) When everything in your life can be politicized -- even your own guts and bones -- then your life is badly diminished, as are the lives of those who cart your remains back and forth on legal hand-trucks. Where's the quality of life in pushing bones back and forth through courts and museums? It's disgusting and should be beneath human dignity, except for that whole "man's inhumanity against man" thing people seem to love to exercise.

ITEM: Akaka Bill followers: Did you know that on August 25th, an imperial restoration happened? Sure did. The royal court was convened with a king, queen, prince and princess. The royal cloak, helmet, head feather lei -- all got bestowed. Just wonder who the ali'i were there in attendance. TikiPundit intelligence not as good as used to be. Who was named the Ali'i Nui? Need to know these things. Need the info. Gonna have to go collect intelligence over at 'Iolani Palace on September 8, next appearance of royal court.

02 September 2005

Foto Friday

Click on pix for larger image.

Check out those guys in the first pic. They're checking out the ladies scooting past them on the Ala Wai Canal in Honolulu.

The second pic is from Ala Moana Park.

When we run out of gas over here, the canoe clubs will be the only quick means of transportation. Good thing they're working out now!

You Dang Right I Score 70%! Waddabout You?

I scored a 70% on the "How Moke Are You/You Stay?" Quizie! What about you?

Maybe score more, but I don't live Waianae. Too far go work. Like West Side, though.