04 September 2005

Hurricane Katrina Sunday News

WHAT? Nobody's covering Domestic Issues? I see. Specialization too much. Got Dean, Kerry, Moore, Pelosi, all farmed out to their special niches. Juss lahk dat? I'll fix that. But for now, TikiPundit take time away from doctoral dissertation proving existence of aumakuas to post news on Hurricane Katrina:

US Press News explores the problems some evacuees are having.

Pug Bus reports that after the uncertainty of the Saints and the Hornets, another New Orleans institution, Mardi Gras, will be

With all the (false) accusations about Guard troops being unavailable in Louisiana because they were fighting the Eeeeevil War on Terror (EWOT), it's reassuring to read this that those troops will soon be relieved so they can return home to help with cleanup and crowd control.

I don't think this fellow is seeing the big picture.

Here's an inspiring story of how some have received comfort amid all the tragedy. It's nice to know that conveniences can still be had in New Orleans.

Yet others are inconvenienced by the rescue effort, according to The Enduring Vision.

Meanwhile, over in Florida, residents are being cautioned not to get complacent.


Anonymous Gordon said...

BS News... nice find. So did your leaders ever find their gas cap?


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