10 September 2005

The Price Gap is a Gas

As your friendly local Hawaiian god drove his twenty ton diesel-powered amphibious war canoe through the darkness of pre-dawn Waikiki on the way to work yesterday morning, he noticed two things.

First, a lot of tourists who fly out here get jet lag and they're awake at four a.m., wandering the sidewalks looking at menus and trying to figure out which way dah beach in dah dark. And some more of them are trying to work off jet lag by jogging down by Ala Wai Canal. Jogging might be a good way to travel these days, what with gas prices and all. As for that first bunch, go over to the Wailana Coffee Shop, 24-hours of goodness there and plenty of seats.

Second, he noticed that price of SuperDooper Maxo-Premium unleaded gas at the Ohana 'n' Haole Trading Post was $3.399. That's $3.40 for regular folks. Seems like only a few weeks ago it was about $2.90. That was before the price cap. The word on the street is that Real Soon Now, expect it to be $3.80, and more on neighbor islands.

Real Soon Now--what's that mean? Means Monday.

Our esteemed senior Senator Inouye is looking the wrong way about this whole gas price thing. He wants an investigation into price-gouging. I recommend the senator turn around, face the Hawaiian Nation's state's citizens and investigate the exuberant local Democrats out here who voted in the darn thing without any way of knowing what the effect would be. Maybe make 'em take an IQ test. Those local pols voted for the cap the same way they voted for the public transport tax -- on potential possibilities and undefined potentialities. And that's not smart government.

Now excuse me while I go down the hill to check out my donations. I'm hoping to get some ahi, some ti leaves, some poi and a fifty-five gallon can of gas.


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