11 September 2005

Ten-Minute News Sunday

ITEM: Progress on the Akaka Bill was delayed because Congressional legislation on Hurricane Katrina relief took precedence. It'll be at least two or three weeks until any further movement happens. Governor Lingle's in DC to honcho what she can. I tell you, if Lingle can work to get some bipartisan support (from the masses, I mean, not elected a**es) for this kind of bill, given the resistance from some quarters, she'll be moving on to national prominence. A female Republican who can navigate tricky waters and succeed? Lingle could end up as the anti-Boxer, the anti-Feinstein in the Senate. Who didn't have to reverse-carpetbag her way in, like Billary did. But that'd be a step down since she'd have to live in DC most of the time, 'stead of Hawaii. On the other hand, neither Inouye nor Akaka are slowing down that we can see. So what's in Lingle's future? How about she take over the Interior Department and see out the disposition of a successful Akaka Bill and its impact on Hawaii?

ITEM: Boy over at Kamehameha Schools quit after the school told him to cut his hair. 14-year old never had haircut. Waist-len'. Kamehameha says boys' hair can't reach below earlobes or touch top of collar. This cuts to the heart, since your favorite local Hawaiian god prefers Molokai.

ITEM: Couldn't see this coming. Over on Kauai and Maui, residents -- you know, people who actually live there and pay sales taxes and such -- own 80% of property. That means Mainlanders and foreigners own the other 20% and stay away. Use the places as getaways. Loss of income from taxes means local governments are suffering. The high percentage of out-of-state owners impacts the quality of life -- roads, water mains, beach cleanups, fire departments -- of the locals. How does the "Invisible Hand" fix that?

ITEM: This is kinda funny. The Urban Dictionary definition of moke is... "Anyone (Usually of Hawaiian ancestry) who actively participates in one or more of the following moke activities:
--Bodysurfing with McDonalds Tray
--Hawaiian Canoe Paddling
--Driving a Lifted Pickup
--Listening to Reggae/Jawaiian Music
--Playing an ukulele
--Stealing shoes/slippahs
--Smoking Weed
There is one mandatory qualification though... For one to be a full fledged "moke", one must be well versed if not fluent in pidgin English."

If you haven't taken the test yet, check it out at over head.

ITEM: Over at 50th Star, Grant Jones writes about a cheesehead bookstore that offers 10% off UH textbooks. Revolution Books -- naaaah, you can figger out what they're about. Pimping tired old DWM (Dead White Males) ideas on Marxism and class consciousness and stuff. Means of Production controlled by workers, argh. It's endless and dull and dead and out of date, that whole thing. But the people who run Revolution Books aren't as dumb as their politics look. They got a good grip on capitalism. First, they're undercutting competition to drive up in-store business. Yeah, capitalism! Second, they're giving kickbacks to professors who recommend using the store for students to purchase mandatory classroom books. 'Ray, capitalism! Think about it dis way, it's not as bad as it looks. One day, gonna see new sign over door: Capitalism Books.

ITEM: Hawaii Dems: It's too early to get into the Katrina blame game. Remember, CNN is still filming corpses. Now, behave and stop trying to re-win the 2004 Presidential Campaign.

ITEM: Mina, knock it off. Your side of the isle pushed the gas cap. It looks bad when you try to roll it back a few cents. Think of the integrity of your party. Think of the amazingly detailed analysis that went into the Democratically-pushed gas cap agenda. Think of the emerging reports of small gas stations on the islands that are not receiving gasoline due to the economic pressures caused by the cap.

ITEM: If you live on Maui but lack the right blood mix to get into Kamehameha Schools, here's an alternative. No word yet on whether these guys are putting out T-Shirts for agendists to wear.

ITEM: Ancient site cleanup over on Kauai.


Blogger Kalroy said...

Ya know, the boy ought to shave his head into a mahiole. I don't know why he didn't want to cut his hair (besides being an idiot), but I DO know that you can keep from being kicked out for having a mohawk using the mahiole defense, though you have to let it grow out.



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