29 September 2005

Twenny Seven Cent Gas Hike Coming

Big gas price coming nex Monday. 27 cent increase coming real soon now.

Honolulu Red Star Bulletin got fancy graphic, show all:

Big problem state government. Can't figure nothin' out. Made big mistake, gas cap. Used Gulf Coast as one place figure out gas price. Other two were New York and Washington DC. Maybe LA one. Wha' happen when NY and DC get crisis too?

You can manage system any way you like. TikiPundit manage data all day long. Know how to put in, what to put in, how to use, abuse, extrude what people wanna see. TikiPundit don't do dat, but know how. Become second nature, you look data long enough many many years. Used to be, statistics lie. Now, smart people can make data lie. Make data Politically Correct. Bad time for science, engineering, medicine USA.

By dah way, learn today dat only 30% Hawaii refinery gasoline stay Hawaii. Ress go out oddah islands down sout. Mean add price to gas here fo shipping, mean add price to gas there, shipping and handling.


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