04 September 2005

Two Minute News Sunday

ITEM: Ban on alcohol still being considered at UH football games. Stadium income, rent, as well as rednecks fighting, all at stake. Two people got thrown out of the stadium during the USC game, but no one was arrested.

ITEM: Why privatization works: Tulane University, a private school, evacuated its entire student body from New Orleans to Jackson, MS, in one day, the day before the hurricane hit, according to a couple of Hawaiians going to school there.

ITEM: Tuesday evening, the Senate will vote to close debate on the Akaka Bill.

ITEM: Politicians over here are already pondering, calculating, estimating the effect that their gas cap ruling and Hurricane Katrina will have on their so-called careers.

ITEM: Help Wanted: A Democrat to take on Gov. Lingle in 2006. Some wags are suggesting the Dems should just clone her.

ITEM: Leonard Peters, UH team captain, was putting some major hit on USC's boys yesterday -- albeit in a blowout. But he got a sprained knee too (or a partially-torn ligament according to the Pravdatiser). That guy Peters was tough -- tough -- against the Nr 1 team, and so were about half the players. It was good to see some guts out there, when most teams line up against USC like quivering JVers against the senior squad.

ITEM: Bad: US District Judge orders native Hawaiian group Hui Malama I Na Kupuna 'O Hawai'i Nei to return 83 "lots" of human remains from their cave resting place to the Bishop Museum. This is terrible no matter what side of the Hawaiian identity debate you're on. (And I'm on the side that gets me the most free labor for my fields and fish-ponds.) When everything in your life can be politicized -- even your own guts and bones -- then your life is badly diminished, as are the lives of those who cart your remains back and forth on legal hand-trucks. Where's the quality of life in pushing bones back and forth through courts and museums? It's disgusting and should be beneath human dignity, except for that whole "man's inhumanity against man" thing people seem to love to exercise.

ITEM: Akaka Bill followers: Did you know that on August 25th, an imperial restoration happened? Sure did. The royal court was convened with a king, queen, prince and princess. The royal cloak, helmet, head feather lei -- all got bestowed. Just wonder who the ali'i were there in attendance. TikiPundit intelligence not as good as used to be. Who was named the Ali'i Nui? Need to know these things. Need the info. Gonna have to go collect intelligence over at 'Iolani Palace on September 8, next appearance of royal court.


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