19 September 2005

Two Minute News Tuesday

ITEM: Hawaii gas prices are tops in the nation. There's a lot of scuffling over here about whether the gas cap influenced the price. Dems are afraid of being tainted, even if unfairly. Too bad they didn't do the estimative math beforehand. Or put some thought into the cap law. It would be easy to defend if they'd done that. This leads almost automatically to the major question any citizen has when grading the results of the work of elected politicians. Do our leaders know what the effect of the excise tax will be? Do they understand what they're getting into with a railroad? Do they know what the cost is of fighting the courts over Kamehameha Schools will be? Do they understand the implications of the Akaka Bill? Demonstrations of intelligence today (or demonstrations of lack thereof) will influence citizens tomorrow.

ITEM: The Akaka Bill has been rewritten to address concerns of the Justice Department and the Executive Branch. Sen. Akaka is still working to get a cloture vote. The changes address the right of the USA and the State of Hawaii to assert immunity over Native Hawaiian claims of various natures. But you know, this means that OHA is also immune, something that will not make nationalist Hawaiians very happy.

ITEM: Hui Malama I Na Kupuna 'O Hawaii Nei says their members will go to jail rather than turn over 83 artifacts they re-appropriated and returned to resting places in Hawaii. The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands owns the property into which the artifacts were returned. Your friendly local Hawaiian god supports Hui Malama I Na Kupuna 'O Hawaii Nei, warts and all in this case. The 83 items were originally uncovered and sold to the Bishiop Museum in 1905, for a price approximating 30 pieces of silver. Sold. 'Nuff said.

ITEM: Your friendly local Hawaiian god was distressed to read that Kamehameha Schools is planning to sell off 83 acres of property in Kamilonui Valley to developers. They want to put up 200 homes. The idea is to get the locals, who use the property for home-farming, to bug out. TikiPundit thinks that the timing is wrong, given the Noble Hawaiian image KS is trying to project in the courts right now. Besides that, I think that suburbs stink and that the islands are being overdeveloped to the detriment of the government's ability to handle competent infrastructures that benefit the taxpayers it works for.

ITEM: The big South Shore surf is over. Whew! I bet dem lifeguards are tired of pulling tourists out of the surf. You got three, four activiities over here that really benefit the taxpayer: police, firemen, lifeguards. And TikiPundit.


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