14 September 2005

Two Minute News Wednesday

ITEM: Gas hitting about $3.60 on Oahu, four bucks on Neighbor Islands. People promising it's going to go down next week. I don't see no sign of people driving less -- least not on the H1 -- but MSM out here is reporting that and generally hyping up TheBus. The local Public Utilities Commission was busy sending out letters this week to the Guv and the state Legislature warning about some bad stuff, like a terminal owner on Maui is rationing the gas that goes to each station. The Guv says wait-n-see. The people say wait-n-pray.

ITEM: Back in the day, the Honolulu airport expanded, building another runway on landfill. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs sued, wanting revenue for 'ceded lands.' (That mean, ceded from TikiPundit and the other gods.) The Hawaii Supreme Court wisely gave a quiet 'no' to the ambitious and acquisitive Office, citing federal law that prohibits airport revenues from being used for non-airport uses. What dat mean? Mean OHA has to go out, get special Big Island land parcel reserved for Hawaiians for some other reason, and with some other money. The Fiftieth Star teaches your friendly local Hawaiian god about OHA's (probably unintended, but) misguided intentions for Native Hawaiians. Thank Kana your friendly local Hawaiian god not eligible for Kamehameha Schools -- otherwise, might have to live in poverty in order to benefit fishing rights. Instead, TikiPundit rely on self-sufficiency these days, except for the occasional food and gasoline donations left down the hill from his heiau.

ITEM: Keoni Martin over at the thoughtful Discursive Oikology (wha' dat mean?) posts an impressive but, in my opinion, misguided, Hawaiian posture regarding those troubled times overlapping King and Kolony. He writes in "The Real Conservatives" on 09 Sep 2005, "But if you want to see a conservative culture, look at Hawai'i as it was: a kingdom of pious Christians, who at the same time preserved their old traditions and their connection with the land." I take issue with the imagery of the "pious Christian" of whom there is enough evidence showing that he was casting covetous eyes on the wealth of the land and the naiveté of the locals even as kings and queens and wannabe kings and queens postured and used Victorian-era tools (media, Western politics, immigrants, US Marines, foreign law, displays of martial might) to bend same to their way. Pious? No way. More deals harming the simple agrarian (read: Stone Age) culture of pre-Colonial Hawaii were struck in church pews on Oahu than were hammered out with bilateral agreements, laws, and warships. The coming of the West was a tsunami, whether you're an angry Hawaiian or a happy Westerner. There was damage to all.

ITEM: Keep eye out. Blog started: The Loco Moco Page. Foodies rejoice!

ITEM: Foodies now officially outta da minds: University of Hawaii web page call Local Kine Recipes v2.0. Dass too much! Check it out, everyt'ing gonna break da mout'. 14 kinds kimchee, spam musubi, lomi salmon plus lomi-lomi salmon, char siu cuz, sweet bread, two kine lau lau, and chili and rice, dat my fave all da time. Man, I'm so hungry right now I can't think straight. No wonder they call these islands the home of Pacific Rim Fusion Cuisine -- too much mix. No Native Hawaiian gonna complain about dat, at least!


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