30 October 2005

"Onion" Tart Over White House Demand

After the White House told the satirical publication "The Onion" to stop using the Presidential Seal in its for-profit endeavors, the esteemed rag shot back with a rude, personal attack on the First Lady.

That can't stand.

29 October 2005


ITEM: I'm sure San Franciscans will find some way to pin this on conservatives, Republicans and "BushCo," too.

ITEM: When not busy advocating genocide, some Muslims can be found rioting over a Christian-produced DVD. Are there any Muslim activities that don't lead to or condone killing people? Islam continues to be the most destructive and self-destructive movement on the planet. UPDATE: As if to prove the point, Muslims have bombed New Delhi today. ANOTHER UPDATE: Three girls attending a Christian school in Indonesia are killed.

ITEM: Oh dear, Hawaii makes Fark.com over this event. Maybe this guy will get a stay in a rubber room out here, too.

ITEM: Some guy Maui got picked up by the Feds for allegedly selling B-2 secrets to some foreign countries. B-2. Whass dat? Sounds like a vitamin. Maybe plan is, drop vitamins all over Iraq from stealth bomber. Muslims get healthy, no more wanna kill infidels.

ITEM: Heh. Can you pass the quiz? I flunked it. Didn't have a clue. Take it here.

28 October 2005

Foto Friday

Shoreline on the south side of Molokai.

25 October 2005

News Wednesday

Man, I gotta figger out a new way to present these news posts. Because usually by the time I get around to posting them, they ain't news no moah. Bloggers like Poinography, PalmTree Pundit, and The Fiftieth Star have usually snatched them outta the air, chewed them up and blogged them out. What, I da only one gotta day job??

ITEM: The good Senator Daniel Inouye is one of a kind. Or at least, one of six. That is, the six US senators who voted against canceling a pay raise for, well, US senators. Hat Spear Tip to: PalmTree Pundit. The raise was $3100, which as any good Hawaiian resident knows is not keeping pace with either gas or house prices, so I'm with Inouye on this one. Because I know he's working on a wage raise of exactly $3100 for all Americans.

ITEM: Crazy crowds North Shore. First big waves of the season. Waves of water, waves of cars. These days, "Surfin' Safari" means getting up at 0500 to drive to the North Shore to get a parking spot.

ITEM: Update on the more than 20 statues found in a lava tube north of Kailua-Kona on the big island here.

ITEM: Hawaii Reporter files an article on Hawaii's biggest problem: Kane can't read. Underreported IMO and the most damaging thing for Hawaii's future. If the populace keeps on getting stupid, then independence post-Akaka Bill won't trouble the US as much. No country wants a third-world state. It's looking less and less likely that TikiPundit's challenge for one Native Hawaiian to come forward and demonstrate the ability to run a power station will be met.

ITEM: Star-Bulletin Letter to the Editor #6 is a doozie. What the writer, one Deborah Auld of Punaluu, doesn't comprehend, is how much military residents contribute to the cash economy in terms of retail sales and tax revenue. An angry letter-writer, looking for any angle to blame the military, pens his/her screed while participating in a system the military helps create and maintain, on electric powered machines run through tax revenue and light bills and a free press. Maybe Auld just hates the system, but isn't smart or bold enough to leave it behind? Not even France makes all soldiers billet on-base, but Russia still does. Auld might leave her board-shorts behind when she moves--it's cold over there.

ITEM: People, I tell you again and again: respect the ocean. What do you think respect means? Hug it? Get emotional about an inanimate object like surf? Join a club for a few years when you're young, to save the ocean?? No. It means don't turn your back on it, and don't go where smarter people than you put up warning signs saying don't go there. This article article doesn't mention the warning signs, but local media had it today, as a lesson to those of us still breathing. Another avoidable tragedy, the third in a few weeks I think.

ITEM: Stuart Hayashi of The Fiftieth Star has a new blog. Check it out.

ITEM: Median house prices on Oahu jumped 31.1 percent during the third quarter of 2005. Seems inaccurate to me, but I'll take it. My heiau is now worth a cool million, which is cool to me since commoner labor built it for free back in tha day.

24 October 2005

Honolulu Airport Security Breach: Hawaii 5-0 Nowhere to be Seen

(TP) DATELINE HONOLULU, HAWAII -- TikiPundit's war canoe barreled through the Interisland terminal at Honolulu Airport on Sunday afternoon.

Tikipundit paddled the canoe about 100 yards inside the terminal past the Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines counters, before coming to a stop in front of the Unification of the Pacific Islands kiosk to pick up a boss T-Shirt.

"Fortunately, there weren't any injuries or island wars," said Department of Transportation spokesman Scott Ishikawa. "TikiPundit was detained at the scene until he was recognized, and then Honolulu police and federal Customs officials prostrated themselves until he left on the next flight to Molokai."

No flights were delayed and the baggage claim section did not sustain any damage, except for a spear through a suitcase with a French flag on it, officials said.

This is the third time someone has driven into an airport terminal in Hawaii. In February 2004, Paul Blatchley tried to kill himself by setting his SUV on fire after driving into the Kahului Airport, and in December 2004, a still-unidentified person paddled a war canoe into the Hilo airport lobby and jumped the security cordon before boarding a flight to Molokai.

23 October 2005

Another Quiz Local God Can't Resist

Gotta make quiz of my own. Which Tiki Character Are You? maybe.

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

A stern yet benevolent organizer who often knows best, your wits are keenly fixed on aiding efforts you deem worthy.
"Now at this last we must take a hard road, a road unforseen. There lies our hope, if hope it be. To walk into peril to Mordor."
Elrond is a character in the Middle-Earth universe. TheOneRing.net has a short biography.

Dass right. Stern yet benevolent. Organizer. Juss what you need your friendly local god to be. Take care of you. Maintain order and ritual in tough hard-scrabble agricultural Stone Age environment. Order & ritual essential to survival in such a place. 'Specially when you got no written language for trans-generational transmission of knowledge. You can thank me now, in Comments Section. Dass dah same as an offering.

21 October 2005

Foto Friday

Lava field at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, 2005. This flow is from an earlier time. The flow to the sea seems to have shifted to the northeast of here since 1983. You can get daily updates on flow at the excellent US Geological Survey site here.

19 October 2005

News Thursday

ITEM: Everybody still complain about gas price. Your friendly local Hawaii god paid $3.15 for a gallon of dead dinosaur uddah day. Price go up, price go down. Hawaii Reporter says gas cap cost us all fifty-three cents per gallon.

ITEM: Kamehameha Schools not hurtin' for dosh. Buy big land. More than real or imagined Native Hawaiians could afford. Thank goodness natives got father-figure look out for dem.

PETA bums face 25 felony counts. Nevvah like dese bums. Strange organization. Weird agenda. Everything loco. Now their ethical treatment of animals means killing animals. TikiPundit thinks, this is a truism of the far left's agenda. Kill all that is living, and replace it with new ideals, as a manifestation of an urge to cleanse. PETA, NOW, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Million Man March, Code Pink, Bev Harbin, Daily Kos, moveon dot org, buncha Congressmen and Senators, all wanna clean house. Why not come TikiPundit heiau clean up? Sweep stone, remove palm branches, clear coconuts, make pretty? Physical cleaning bettah than psychological neurotical cleaning anyday.

ITEM: Protein Wisdom hears about Native Hawaiian issues and Dah Suit.

ITEM: Big Artifact News Hawaii. Ki'i uncovered. TikiPundit say, mo bettah cover 'em back up. Bad things happen otherwise. Don't mess with da dead, or their work. How many times I gotta tell you?? Bishop Museum, get back to back of bus! You don't belong here!

Pat Hamamoto--That's No Woman, That's My Wife!

Uh-oh. TikiPundit major mess-up. Make Pat Hamamoto man. Not man. Not according to Google. Not according to DNA World Bank. Here I make a fix. Click fo biggah picture.

16 October 2005

Sunday News

ITEM: In The Fiftieth Star, Grant Jones takes to task the notion of one Dagmar Barnouw that there were darker aspects of Nazi Germany than Auschwitz: namely, the Allied bombing campaign. Jones notes that the German bombing of Rotterdam and the Japanese bombing of Nanking had long since occurred before the USA entered the war. In effect, Barnouw comes across as a racist for demoting the Holocaust below the actions of those who sought to stop it. I'd add, that the Japanese bombing of Honolulu on December 7, 1941 was an unmentioned atrocity.

ITEM: Native Hawaiians go apeshit, lose homeless status, occupy Office of Hawaiian Affairs offices. Protest OHA support of Akaka Bill.

ITEM: Hawaii gas prices update.

ITEM: My Hawaii tax dollars are at work. Big budget surplus. Big local Depato Education guy Pat Hamamoto just demanded $359 million of the $600 million surplus. He's not smart, he's just fast. Why is Hama-Man not smart? Because the Hawaii education system stinks. It's one of the worst in the country, exceeded only by the likes of Louisiana. In Hamamoto's world, money solves everything, because it's better than thinking. Or working an honest day. In reality, Hawaii's kids can't add well enough to figure out how to avoid getting ripped off on their ice purchases.

ITEM: Underreported in Hawaii's MSM (meaning, they didn't report it at all), Hawaii Reporter tells us that OHA (you read about them above) have been sued by Native Hawaiians for abusing public funds, among uddah t'ings.

ITEM: Racist makes the Letter's Page at the Red Star Bulletin. Eric Poohina, writing from would-be-dead-if-not-for-tourist-tax-money Kailua, wants haoles and Asians to stop turning up in Hawaii. Guess you didn't get handed out a "Live Aloha" bumper sticker, Eric.

ITEM: Eeeevil Wal-Mart supports local teacher. ACLU, PETA, People for the American Way, Manhattan Limousine Liberals, all threaten to sue.

15 October 2005

More MSM Staged Events Uncovered

You know that MSM and worthy blogs like NewsBusters have been reporting on the Q&A President Bush and troops just had. MSM has been breathlessly reporting it as staged and NewsBusters has been exposing their exposé.

You long ago knew about the media staging a question to SECDEF Rumsfeld by planting a journalist's question with a soldier.

And by now you've heard about this latest laffer:

Intrepid "Today" journalist Michelle Kosinski, reporting on flooding in New Jersey, promptly positioned her posterior in a Rent-a-Canoe and said, "Geddyup!" Kosinski then reported to a frightened nation, "And it's really tough to control a canoe or boat when you're out in it." NewsBusters has the hilarious video clip.

But what NewsBusters does not have are these other staged "Today" events. So now we present, Other Staged Michelle Kosinski reporting:

Kosinski on the scene of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, commenting, "I wish I could grab those paddles instead!"

Kosinski reports on staged Anderson Cooper tsunami reporting. Michelle tells us this scene was actually filmed in Cancun just after Spring Break ended.

Near-man Jon Stewart throws softballs to near-woman Hillary Clinton as Kosinski paddles in to expose the whole show as a sham.

Kosinski's ever-searching paddle uncovers secret documents underneath Sandy Berger's toupee -- after she staged them there. Nation stunned to learn that bad hair seen as advantage inside the Beltway.

Kosinski finds a "mobile WMD vehicle" in Iraq and determines it to be a PowerPoint slide.

The Mysterious Mr X at CIA

So the CIA has set up a new National Clandestine Service. Which is kind of funny since it's already been named in the press. You're not off to a good start, folks. The head of the NCS (cool acronym, not) will not be named but will instead be known by the moniker "Jose." One Fark contributer enquiring mind is already demanding to know if Jose's Deputy Chief is Hose B. It will go downhill from here out, potentially resulting in some kind of Austin Powersesque/Get Smart/Clouseau impression of an organization. We'll have to wait until disgruntled civil servants leave the NCS and publish books to find out about the jernt.

So, who is Jose? Here are my choices:
A) Valerie Plame's as-yet unidentified husband
B) Condi Rice's as-yet unfound husband
C) Hillary Clinton's as-yet unfaithful husband
D) Cranky Neocon.

I think it's D. Cranky went "undercover" when he joined 6MB. Plus, he is familiar with waiting under streelamps and on bridges at midnight, by his own admission. Which I have in some notes somewhere that I must have misplaced please officer don't take me to jail yet. Plus, his mysterious disappearances and reappearances while hosting his own web site have NEVER BEEEN FULLY EXPLAINED. Plus, "Cranky" in Urdu translates to "JHOZEKE." Jhozeke ---> Jose. A cute CIA joke.

14 October 2005

Foto Friday

The first big waves of the season hit the North Shore on Thursday.

09 October 2005


Embargoed until Mr Kim's Statement is Published on TikiPundit Blog
09 Oct 2005
The Gathering Place, Hawai'i

Mr Kim has been removed from TikiPundit for two-timing me.

That's right, I kicked him to the curb. Him and all the Juche he rode in on.

Blog followers please note the following:
"Beloved Leader" is not associated with TikiPundit. Which means, it's actually funny!!! Tiki says check it out.

Come See Me, World!


TikiPundit sent a war canoe my way this morning. I think he found out that I've been two-timing him. That's right, Tiki! I got my own web site for almost a year. Juche that! Everybody come see my REAL web site. I'm free to post whatever I want over there and no one busts my balls ha ha! Don't feel bad, Tiki. I've two-timed better than you. Brix, Crinton, and that Chinese guy who always comes over here. So ta-ta, TikiPundit readers. I gotta big pot of soon do bu cooking and I'm not gonna share!

Burger War Over -- Peace and Ketchup Spills Out All Over

Whew, what a fight! Check it out at Hawaii Diner.

07 October 2005

Two Minute News Saturday

ITEM: Big Bruddah make you pay car tickets previous owner accrued.

ITEM: Here's the only person in Hawaii saying Aloha to Bev Harbin.

ITEM: I stand corrected. Funny!

ITEM: Hawaii Reporter on corruption among the "beach boy" concessions down Waikiki Beach.

ITEM: Boom bomb found by Kauai jogger. Huh?

ITEM: Gas to go up by 9 cents/gallon next week. Thanks, Dems. Appreciate your foresight and sublime guidance.

ITEM: The 3.5% fuel surcharge sweeping tsunami-like through the Pacific Islands has made light bills on Saipan shoot up almost double. Since 70% of Hawaii's fuel goes south -- literally -- to the islands, the Hawaii Democrats' gas cap hurts more than Hawaiians.

ITEM: Mufi ga-ga over elevated railroad and "smart cards" in phone that pay bus fare. In related news, Mufi overwhelmed by "di-gi-tal" technology and horseless carriages. Hawaii prepares to enter 1960s.

ITEM: Su‘a Atonio Su‘a, member of Samoa's Parliament and Secretary of the Samoa Democratic United Party, was murdered in Auckland, New Zealand, on 05 October. And UNID 47-year old male has been arrested.

ITEM: The most Fijians since 2002 will get a green card in the world's most popular lottery, the USA's Diversity Visa Lottery Program. Still no word on the results of Alec Baldwin's France immigration lottery draw of 2002.

ITEM: Big mistake down American Samoa. Samoa Breweries sent gift baskets including beer to Samoans serving in Iraq. Must have been too drunk to read up on General Order Nr. 1, which prohibits the hard-working troops from consuming alcohol.

ITEM: Vailima Beer, mmmmmm.

ITEM: Here's something Tom DeLay should be indicted for. In 1997, touring Saipan on a "fact-finding" mission, he supported local factories' lobbying the Clinton administration to stop pushing for minimum wage laws. DeLay said, "I didn't see anybody sweating," referring to work conditions in factories, which hire foreign labor -- including illegals from China -- for which labors laws don't apply. Haw haw, laughed US Customs, which is fighting a rear-guard action against a tsunami of illegal migrants.

The VVLF and Me. And My Lawsuit.

My Fellow Americans,
I want to report to you that I have decided to sue a scurrilous organization that seeks to defame and impugn my character. And my character is not to be trifled with. So I will use all the lackeys, sycophants, lapdogs and other so-called supporters to further my goal of ruling you being selected to be your President in 2008.

Just like my Botox injections were not to be trifled with during my successful 2004 Presidential Campaign (capitalizations mine). I did not find the attitude of Americans to be acceptable about this.

The Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation (with a dot org suffix on their web site, indicating their non-profit status) is a collection of rude, crude and socially unacceptable partisans fighting on the side of truth.

It is this truth that I cannot accept. I have a problem with that. The truth, I mean.

I have a problem with the their truth.

The divulging of my checkered (chequered) military career back in 2004 can change nothing.

I am what I am. And I am also what I am not.

You know that. Those millions of you who voted for me knew that a long time ago. You knew it when you spent Christmas with me in Cambodia, back in the day.

I am a long-serving Senator from a disinterested and politically unimportant state.

Furthermore, I am a white tyrant of the plantation type. I am a well-fed, deserving Prot who was born to occupy the White House.

And, I am well-spoken, educated and liberal.

These are my primary qualifications to tell you what to do.

I was gifted with a golden spoon. (I did not stick it up my nose and snort cocaine, so far as you know. And if anyone says I did anything illegal or unethical, you'll receive faxes, letters, summonses and miscellany from my cronies, although not from me. Due to my innate cowardice and WASP sense of covering my a**.)

Because of my lofty moral standards and need to protect my a** for a run in 2008, I have machined and politicked a group of running-dogs to sue the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation for defaming my character and other accurate misinterpretations of my status and standing as one of your betters.

Let it be known that I performed the following in Vietnam:
--I served for months.
--I spent Christmas away from home.
--I was willing to give up the service I owed by contract (but only to further the American government by running for sweet REMF offices in CONUS).
--I do not tolerate dissent in the ranks. Or from outside the ranks. And I'll sue anybody who says otherwise.
--I spent a damn Christmas in Cambodia. Or so I say. It looked like Cambodia. Or Vietnam. Maybe southern China. Those trees, rivers and people all looked alike to me.
--I am an American Hero in the image of John F. Kennedy Jimmy Earl Carter and I will not have my reputation discredited by people who pulled the toughest missions or won the Medal of Honor. Or any other miscreants and low-life under-performers.
--If my reputation is to be discredited, I can darn well do it on my own, anytime I want, merely by appearing in public in sports clothes or by cursing out Secret Service agents.

And finally:
--I'll sue, and sue again, to reclaim my right to the American Throne.

So take that, VVLF!

Yours in collegiality and sycophantism,

06 October 2005

Foto Friday

House of Pele, the Goddess of Fire. She was exiled from Tahiti fo bad tempah. Fight sister Goddess of Water. Sistah always fight, why? Shark God Kamohoali'i help Pele reach Hawaii waters. Wen Hawaii, form new island each time. Sistah flood out new island. Pele finally meet end on Maui, killed by Water Sister. Dat one tough sistah! After dat, Pele became god and wen stay Big Island. Pele make violent temper but visits mortals to this day. You go Hawaii, you see beautiful young woman, or frail old woman, maybe you saw Pele. 'Specially if she ask drink and food. Mo bettah give drink and food. Pele often come site above pik-chah, leave tear-shaped lava drops and leave fine strands of volcanic glass. Big protector of Native Hawaiians, so dey bettah not diss Pele wen go Mainland Las Vegas n Utah. One mo time Pele fight Snow God Poliahu. Why always fight Big Island? 'Nuff room everyone, Pele!

03 October 2005

Hawaii Democrats Adopt New Logo

Following the appointment of recent Democratic convert Bev Harbin to the donkeys, the Democratic Party of Hawaii has changed its logo. Here's the Before & After.

Old & Busted:

New Hotness:

02 October 2005

EU Wants Shared Control of US Military

Oct 02 08:00 AM US/Eastern
By Martin Sillie
TP International Writer

Versailles, France

(TP) -- Following its claim that governments must share responsibility for the Internet, the European Union on Friday added the the US military to its demands.

EU spokesman Martin Selmayr said a new cooperation model was important "because the US military is a global reach resource."

"The EU ... is pretty, well maybe kinda firm on this position," he added.

Three-way talks between the US, EU and UN on the US military's future have been held at the EU's military headquarters at Versailles.

A stalemate over who should serve as the world's principal military force could derail the summit, which aims to ensure a fair sharing of American armed forces, the US-built Internet, and the Rocky Mountains to benefit the whole world.

At issue is who would ultimately have authority over the military's global capabilities, which liberate contries, confront terrorists and terrify most of the French.

Those roles have historically gone to the US, which created the military as an Independence project in the 18th century and funded much of its early development. The US retains veto power over the use of its military, frustrating some European countries.

"They have gobbled up most of the peacekeeping and liberating duties for the past century, and the EU wants to share in the benefits these bring," said Lieutenant General Jean-Paul Perruche, Director of the EU Military Staff.

"Sure, you can surf all the porn you want on the Internet, and totally eBay all the time, but sooner or later the world must be allowed to share in these things plus the Americans' unique ability to rapidly move relief supplies after tsunamis and hurricanes," he said, adding, "And tanks. Lots of tanks. And planes. Big ones. Bombers, yeah yeah. Did I say bombers out loud?"

Finally, Europe wants greater assurance that as it comes to rely on the US military more for stability and peacekeeping services, Europe's anti-American plans won't get derailed by some future US policy.

"If the Americans get a lock on democracy in the Middle East and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, we're done for," complained General Perruche. "We might as well raise the surrender flag. I mean, more than usual."

01 October 2005

Two Minute News Sunday

ITEM: State Dept of Hawaiian Homelands agree plan build 417 new houses Molokai. Gotta be Da Kine to get dem, though. Cost $44.8 million. Dept ask tourists, please keep come Hawaii, spend money.

ITEM: Hawaii Reporter says US Dept of Justice still concern wit compromise version of Akaka Bill.

ITEM: Confirmed criminal Bev Harbin -- aka the Rap Sheet Rep -- says she won't resign because she did not think her rap sheet would prove to be an embarrassment. Dat point of view enough to show her dah door.

ITEM: Harbin played the sympathy card last week, citing an abusive marriage as causing her to make mistakes. Way ta go, Girlfrien'.

ITEM: When appointing her, Gov Lingle said, "I look forward to working with her in the next legislative session." Hoof in Mout Disease. Cause L later said, "Hoof it, Harbin." Maybe now good time Lingle go DC, work on Akaka Bill. Li'l too hot Hawaii right now.

ITEM: Red State fisks the New York Times for saying the two hurricanes were natural disasters "with human fingerprints."

ITEM: Bobby Kennedy, Jr., and Barbara Streisand won't win any Nobel Prizes for their work on the sun's impact on global warming.

ITEM: Hawaiian Electric Company raised prices 3.3% plus added a fuel surcharge of 16%. Lucky you live gas cap Hawaii. What, you no tink gas cap affeck 'lectric? You muss be Democrat den.

ITEM: High weirdness in the labor dispute at Turtle Bay. Big resort corp indicted itself, saying it made illegal bribes to union officials. What was bribe? Parking. Anyone in Honolulu can 'preciate dat. Parking hard. But Turtle Bay stupid anyway. Good luck in union fight. Who mo dumb there?

ITEM: Sens Akaka and Inouye voted against SCOTUS Chief Roberts. Now, there are Principles and there are principles. Your friendly local Hawaiian god is disappointed these two took the low road.

ITEM: Now trying ban alcohol tailgate parties Aloha Stadium. Pretty soon, Dems going to be banning alcohol at backyard BBQs Hawaii. Hard to believe, with traffic, drugs, crook Harbin, Hawaiian sovereignty issues, excise tax, that officials out here put together Task Force to deal with tailgaters. Wonder if Bev Harbin contracted dat, too?

ITEM: Hard to believe, State of Hawaii now go investigate price gouging gas. First, state set up gas cap. Now set up look-see gas price gouge. TikiPundit tink state muss already solved traffic, drugs, crook Harbin, Hawaiian sovereignty issues an excise tax.

ITEM: Hono honcho Mufi go Japan, talk up tourism. Also take look-see mass transit systems. Gotta figger out, how use Dems' excise tax fiat. Might also check out, how samurai use rule Japan. No need ballot box. Juss make tax.

ITEM: Hui Malama I Na Kupuna O Hawaii Nei gonna try appeal 9th Circuit ruling on return of 83 burial items from secret cave. TikiPundit still say, let the dead stay dead. Say, museum is no place for such stuff. Your friendly local Hawaiian god doesn't want his blog stolen from a Big Island cave and displayed in the Bishop Museum. TikiPundit beginning not like museums. TikiPundit anthropology major. No like museum culture Hawaii.

Beverly Harbin (D-28) Biography

Here's Beverly Harbin's real, published bio:

Beverly Harbin has been a member of the Hawaii Prepaid Health Care Advisory Council since June 2003. She attended the University of Hawaii from 1978 to 1990 where she studied Political Science, Hawaiian Studies and Western Religion Studies and Environmental Studies/Law.

Ms. Harbin is currently the President/CEO of the Employers’ Chamber of Commerce which focuses on health care benefits, workers’ compensation, tort reform, GET depyramiding and the continuation of the implementation of the Regulatory Flexibility Act (1998). She is also an independent contractor to the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii and is responsible for reviewing all pending legislation, as well as drafting, coordinating and presenting testimony to the Legislature.

Ms. Harbin created the Small Business Economic Revival Force and The Eye on Makai community planning group, and has also held the position as President of the Kakaako Improvement Association.

Here's another one:

Beverly Harbin has been a member of the corrupt elite since September 2005. She attended the University of Hawaii for twelve years, accumulating more than twelve credits without getting a degree. But just as she was appointed to the Hawaii State House instead of earning it, she was appointed a degree by HU President Mavid DacClain instead of earning that.

Ms. Harbin is currently the President/CEO of the Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, which is not the REAL Chamber of Commerce you already know about. She is also President/CEO of the Employees' Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Chambers of Commerce, the Commerce Chamber of Chambers of Commerce, and the Chamber Pots of Commerce. She is also an independent contractor to the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, which means major bucks 'cause government contract services are totally the bomb these days if you can get in. Harbin is paid to be more or less responsible to the real Chamber of Commerce for reviewing pending legislation about tax laws and anti-check kiting initiatives.

Ms. Harbin created the Small Business Tax Dodge Revival, which has successfully toured the Hawaiian Islands, and the Eye on Partisan Mudslingers planning group, and has also held a position in a police lineup when she was arrested in 1987.

Ms. Harbin intends to use her position in the Hawaii State government to support tax cheats, check kiters, and others with a casual disregard for the law. After holding the position as President of the Kakaako Money-Making Association, her District, the 28th, has already seen an upsurge in new business since her appointment, with many new characters arriving from Japan, Macau, Lichtenstein, Venezuela and New Jersey to set up faceless corporations, banks that don't accept local customers, and Yakuza safehouses in the once relatively-safe environ.

Bev Harbin Arrested Again

After being appointed by Governor Lingle to the vacant 28th District slot in the Hawaii State House (representing the apparently sleaze-tolerant areas of Kakaako and iwilei), Hawaii's latest govenment embarrassment, Representative Bev (short for Bev) Harbin (D-28) went out and partied like it was $123,000 errrr, 1999. "Everybody in the House lemme hear you say, 'Crooked!'" Harbin screamed, before being carried out by police. "Say, 'Crook crook!'"

Harbin is placed under arrest as small-time hoods, organized crime supporters, drug dealers and tax cheats protest the action outside the Hawaii State Capitol on 30 September 2005.