06 October 2005

Foto Friday

House of Pele, the Goddess of Fire. She was exiled from Tahiti fo bad tempah. Fight sister Goddess of Water. Sistah always fight, why? Shark God Kamohoali'i help Pele reach Hawaii waters. Wen Hawaii, form new island each time. Sistah flood out new island. Pele finally meet end on Maui, killed by Water Sister. Dat one tough sistah! After dat, Pele became god and wen stay Big Island. Pele make violent temper but visits mortals to this day. You go Hawaii, you see beautiful young woman, or frail old woman, maybe you saw Pele. 'Specially if she ask drink and food. Mo bettah give drink and food. Pele often come site above pik-chah, leave tear-shaped lava drops and leave fine strands of volcanic glass. Big protector of Native Hawaiians, so dey bettah not diss Pele wen go Mainland Las Vegas n Utah. One mo time Pele fight Snow God Poliahu. Why always fight Big Island? 'Nuff room everyone, Pele!


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