24 October 2005

Honolulu Airport Security Breach: Hawaii 5-0 Nowhere to be Seen

(TP) DATELINE HONOLULU, HAWAII -- TikiPundit's war canoe barreled through the Interisland terminal at Honolulu Airport on Sunday afternoon.

Tikipundit paddled the canoe about 100 yards inside the terminal past the Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines counters, before coming to a stop in front of the Unification of the Pacific Islands kiosk to pick up a boss T-Shirt.

"Fortunately, there weren't any injuries or island wars," said Department of Transportation spokesman Scott Ishikawa. "TikiPundit was detained at the scene until he was recognized, and then Honolulu police and federal Customs officials prostrated themselves until he left on the next flight to Molokai."

No flights were delayed and the baggage claim section did not sustain any damage, except for a spear through a suitcase with a French flag on it, officials said.

This is the third time someone has driven into an airport terminal in Hawaii. In February 2004, Paul Blatchley tried to kill himself by setting his SUV on fire after driving into the Kahului Airport, and in December 2004, a still-unidentified person paddled a war canoe into the Hilo airport lobby and jumped the security cordon before boarding a flight to Molokai.


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