15 October 2005

More MSM Staged Events Uncovered

You know that MSM and worthy blogs like NewsBusters have been reporting on the Q&A President Bush and troops just had. MSM has been breathlessly reporting it as staged and NewsBusters has been exposing their exposé.

You long ago knew about the media staging a question to SECDEF Rumsfeld by planting a journalist's question with a soldier.

And by now you've heard about this latest laffer:

Intrepid "Today" journalist Michelle Kosinski, reporting on flooding in New Jersey, promptly positioned her posterior in a Rent-a-Canoe and said, "Geddyup!" Kosinski then reported to a frightened nation, "And it's really tough to control a canoe or boat when you're out in it." NewsBusters has the hilarious video clip.

But what NewsBusters does not have are these other staged "Today" events. So now we present, Other Staged Michelle Kosinski reporting:

Kosinski on the scene of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, commenting, "I wish I could grab those paddles instead!"

Kosinski reports on staged Anderson Cooper tsunami reporting. Michelle tells us this scene was actually filmed in Cancun just after Spring Break ended.

Near-man Jon Stewart throws softballs to near-woman Hillary Clinton as Kosinski paddles in to expose the whole show as a sham.

Kosinski's ever-searching paddle uncovers secret documents underneath Sandy Berger's toupee -- after she staged them there. Nation stunned to learn that bad hair seen as advantage inside the Beltway.

Kosinski finds a "mobile WMD vehicle" in Iraq and determines it to be a PowerPoint slide.


Anonymous Gordon said...

That's some good stuff, Tiki.


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