15 October 2005

The Mysterious Mr X at CIA

So the CIA has set up a new National Clandestine Service. Which is kind of funny since it's already been named in the press. You're not off to a good start, folks. The head of the NCS (cool acronym, not) will not be named but will instead be known by the moniker "Jose." One Fark contributer enquiring mind is already demanding to know if Jose's Deputy Chief is Hose B. It will go downhill from here out, potentially resulting in some kind of Austin Powersesque/Get Smart/Clouseau impression of an organization. We'll have to wait until disgruntled civil servants leave the NCS and publish books to find out about the jernt.

So, who is Jose? Here are my choices:
A) Valerie Plame's as-yet unidentified husband
B) Condi Rice's as-yet unfound husband
C) Hillary Clinton's as-yet unfaithful husband
D) Cranky Neocon.

I think it's D. Cranky went "undercover" when he joined 6MB. Plus, he is familiar with waiting under streelamps and on bridges at midnight, by his own admission. Which I have in some notes somewhere that I must have misplaced please officer don't take me to jail yet. Plus, his mysterious disappearances and reappearances while hosting his own web site have NEVER BEEEN FULLY EXPLAINED. Plus, "Cranky" in Urdu translates to "JHOZEKE." Jhozeke ---> Jose. A cute CIA joke.


Anonymous NEONATHALE said...

Jose Rodrigez DDO CIA was on the internet last year.

As far as how he got there it has alot to do with the Plame indictment threats being used at CIA.

Plame is the only one who published. 'Vanity Fair.' She is the only one who broke the law. DOJ will not indict her, so Bush gave their(DOJ-FBI, DEA, etc.) authority overseas(although CIA does operate domestically and always has, its in their charter for congress) to CIA along with the Pentagon.

Anonymous neonathale said...

As far as Condi's husband, the rumor is her and Bush were items in the Houston mansion.


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