19 October 2005

News Thursday

ITEM: Everybody still complain about gas price. Your friendly local Hawaii god paid $3.15 for a gallon of dead dinosaur uddah day. Price go up, price go down. Hawaii Reporter says gas cap cost us all fifty-three cents per gallon.

ITEM: Kamehameha Schools not hurtin' for dosh. Buy big land. More than real or imagined Native Hawaiians could afford. Thank goodness natives got father-figure look out for dem.

PETA bums face 25 felony counts. Nevvah like dese bums. Strange organization. Weird agenda. Everything loco. Now their ethical treatment of animals means killing animals. TikiPundit thinks, this is a truism of the far left's agenda. Kill all that is living, and replace it with new ideals, as a manifestation of an urge to cleanse. PETA, NOW, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Million Man March, Code Pink, Bev Harbin, Daily Kos, moveon dot org, buncha Congressmen and Senators, all wanna clean house. Why not come TikiPundit heiau clean up? Sweep stone, remove palm branches, clear coconuts, make pretty? Physical cleaning bettah than psychological neurotical cleaning anyday.

ITEM: Protein Wisdom hears about Native Hawaiian issues and Dah Suit.

ITEM: Big Artifact News Hawaii. Ki'i uncovered. TikiPundit say, mo bettah cover 'em back up. Bad things happen otherwise. Don't mess with da dead, or their work. How many times I gotta tell you?? Bishop Museum, get back to back of bus! You don't belong here!


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