25 October 2005

News Wednesday

Man, I gotta figger out a new way to present these news posts. Because usually by the time I get around to posting them, they ain't news no moah. Bloggers like Poinography, PalmTree Pundit, and The Fiftieth Star have usually snatched them outta the air, chewed them up and blogged them out. What, I da only one gotta day job??

ITEM: The good Senator Daniel Inouye is one of a kind. Or at least, one of six. That is, the six US senators who voted against canceling a pay raise for, well, US senators. Hat Spear Tip to: PalmTree Pundit. The raise was $3100, which as any good Hawaiian resident knows is not keeping pace with either gas or house prices, so I'm with Inouye on this one. Because I know he's working on a wage raise of exactly $3100 for all Americans.

ITEM: Crazy crowds North Shore. First big waves of the season. Waves of water, waves of cars. These days, "Surfin' Safari" means getting up at 0500 to drive to the North Shore to get a parking spot.

ITEM: Update on the more than 20 statues found in a lava tube north of Kailua-Kona on the big island here.

ITEM: Hawaii Reporter files an article on Hawaii's biggest problem: Kane can't read. Underreported IMO and the most damaging thing for Hawaii's future. If the populace keeps on getting stupid, then independence post-Akaka Bill won't trouble the US as much. No country wants a third-world state. It's looking less and less likely that TikiPundit's challenge for one Native Hawaiian to come forward and demonstrate the ability to run a power station will be met.

ITEM: Star-Bulletin Letter to the Editor #6 is a doozie. What the writer, one Deborah Auld of Punaluu, doesn't comprehend, is how much military residents contribute to the cash economy in terms of retail sales and tax revenue. An angry letter-writer, looking for any angle to blame the military, pens his/her screed while participating in a system the military helps create and maintain, on electric powered machines run through tax revenue and light bills and a free press. Maybe Auld just hates the system, but isn't smart or bold enough to leave it behind? Not even France makes all soldiers billet on-base, but Russia still does. Auld might leave her board-shorts behind when she moves--it's cold over there.

ITEM: People, I tell you again and again: respect the ocean. What do you think respect means? Hug it? Get emotional about an inanimate object like surf? Join a club for a few years when you're young, to save the ocean?? No. It means don't turn your back on it, and don't go where smarter people than you put up warning signs saying don't go there. This article article doesn't mention the warning signs, but local media had it today, as a lesson to those of us still breathing. Another avoidable tragedy, the third in a few weeks I think.

ITEM: Stuart Hayashi of The Fiftieth Star has a new blog. Check it out.

ITEM: Median house prices on Oahu jumped 31.1 percent during the third quarter of 2005. Seems inaccurate to me, but I'll take it. My heiau is now worth a cool million, which is cool to me since commoner labor built it for free back in tha day.


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