29 October 2005


ITEM: I'm sure San Franciscans will find some way to pin this on conservatives, Republicans and "BushCo," too.

ITEM: When not busy advocating genocide, some Muslims can be found rioting over a Christian-produced DVD. Are there any Muslim activities that don't lead to or condone killing people? Islam continues to be the most destructive and self-destructive movement on the planet. UPDATE: As if to prove the point, Muslims have bombed New Delhi today. ANOTHER UPDATE: Three girls attending a Christian school in Indonesia are killed.

ITEM: Oh dear, Hawaii makes Fark.com over this event. Maybe this guy will get a stay in a rubber room out here, too.

ITEM: Some guy Maui got picked up by the Feds for allegedly selling B-2 secrets to some foreign countries. B-2. Whass dat? Sounds like a vitamin. Maybe plan is, drop vitamins all over Iraq from stealth bomber. Muslims get healthy, no more wanna kill infidels.

ITEM: Heh. Can you pass the quiz? I flunked it. Didn't have a clue. Take it here.


Blogger Gordon said...

Hey, we were one of those families what fled SF!


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