16 October 2005

Sunday News

ITEM: In The Fiftieth Star, Grant Jones takes to task the notion of one Dagmar Barnouw that there were darker aspects of Nazi Germany than Auschwitz: namely, the Allied bombing campaign. Jones notes that the German bombing of Rotterdam and the Japanese bombing of Nanking had long since occurred before the USA entered the war. In effect, Barnouw comes across as a racist for demoting the Holocaust below the actions of those who sought to stop it. I'd add, that the Japanese bombing of Honolulu on December 7, 1941 was an unmentioned atrocity.

ITEM: Native Hawaiians go apeshit, lose homeless status, occupy Office of Hawaiian Affairs offices. Protest OHA support of Akaka Bill.

ITEM: Hawaii gas prices update.

ITEM: My Hawaii tax dollars are at work. Big budget surplus. Big local Depato Education guy Pat Hamamoto just demanded $359 million of the $600 million surplus. He's not smart, he's just fast. Why is Hama-Man not smart? Because the Hawaii education system stinks. It's one of the worst in the country, exceeded only by the likes of Louisiana. In Hamamoto's world, money solves everything, because it's better than thinking. Or working an honest day. In reality, Hawaii's kids can't add well enough to figure out how to avoid getting ripped off on their ice purchases.

ITEM: Underreported in Hawaii's MSM (meaning, they didn't report it at all), Hawaii Reporter tells us that OHA (you read about them above) have been sued by Native Hawaiians for abusing public funds, among uddah t'ings.

ITEM: Racist makes the Letter's Page at the Red Star Bulletin. Eric Poohina, writing from would-be-dead-if-not-for-tourist-tax-money Kailua, wants haoles and Asians to stop turning up in Hawaii. Guess you didn't get handed out a "Live Aloha" bumper sticker, Eric.

ITEM: Eeeevil Wal-Mart supports local teacher. ACLU, PETA, People for the American Way, Manhattan Limousine Liberals, all threaten to sue.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, Pat Hamamoto is a female, as in "Patricia."

This isn't a SNL skit...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. The History News Network has just posted another Holocaust Denying article by a German academic.

Those guys are going to keep me busy.



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