20 November 2005

Hawaii Bakeshop Open Now

Oh, man. Had to search back Ono Kine Grindz to reference this Hallowed Place of Honor. Gonna miss dis, when leave Hawaii. Not gonna miss aged decrepit haoles pushing agenda on people in order to make up missed lives. Sorry for the photo. Not sorry for da link -- top class goods dat bakery, and fo dat matter, da Ono Kind Grindz web site link.

Poor Bob Woodward. He lived by the sword so long, he forgot that he might die by it. The famed Watergate investigator seems to be as much out of touch with reality as any elected schmuck in DC. Put a fork in him, he's done.

Doug at Poinography talks about the debate on street performers in Waikiki. He writes, "The presence of people stopping and enjoying themselves on the sidewalk brings these businesses less revenue and could set a dangerous precedent by demonstrating the possibility of enjoying a trip to Waikiki without going broke. Gawking is free." Indeed. However, your friendly local Hawaii god takes to heart Doug's ironic statement that, "... the sidewalks were designed solely to efficiently route customers directly between member businesses." Exactly. That's what I don't want. Those taxpayer funded sidewalks public spaces belong to the public. But: no more to mimes than pedestrians or Tikis or people who would rather move from business to business, or home to business, than those who have never seen a gold-clad human statue. However, I don't share what I take to be Doug's Libertarian-esque opinion on how public space is to be utilized. I'm sympathetic, but I'd prefer a MORE Libertarian view that would allow me to beat down with a shark-tooth club a newspaper-covered human/statue who is reading a newspaper while sitting on a bench, and only moves when someone drops two bits in their bucket. Why he can make newspaper-mime doo-doo when I can't beat him down? That's my problem with this position. That said, Doug raises important and even post-modern questions about how we use the remaining public space we can access, questions which are all the more relevant in crowded times in Hawaii.

Johnny Depp tink leave France. Use ta tink leave USA. How many countries left Depp can leave? How 'bout he leave us alone at box office?? Him an Alec Baldwin. I suppose now, we get exposed to Depp's pontifications on how he's "learned something today" about tolerance, integration and acceptance. Throw in a few bon-mots about "the children" and he'll have half the Left eating out of his jock strap. And then he'll lecture us for twenny years on it, as if people who live and breathe violence every day had never been exposed to it. By the way, his last name is appropriate. "Depp" in German means fool, moron, jackass, butt of jokes. Dieser Depp soll lieber wieder nach Amerika zuruck kehren.

Who knew Wal-Mart had archaeologists? I thought they were merely the greeters.

Given the results of yesterday's Auburn-Alabama football game, you'd think that the Crimson Tide would gratefully accept all the publicity they could get. The differences between Alabama's two major universities becomes apparent, again and again, innumerable times, throughout the lifetime of an SEC fan.


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