08 November 2005

Jimmy Carter's Loathed Sudden Reappearance

Hi, everybody. Remember me? Well --heh heh-- how can you help but remember me? I was that Southern goof who took over after Richard Nixon resigned and nobody wanted to re-elect a Republican in 1976. Hell Heck, they coulda elected Hitler if he had declared for the Democratic Party. And you know as well as me that many Blue Staters are closet National Socialists what with their ideals and when you compare them to the values of 1936 Germany. Anyway, it's time for a new book, but not the book to the left, that's another book that I'm just so proud of, ermm, anyway, because of that I'm out in public again, stumpin' and humpin', as they say. Please enjoy TikiPundit's laudatory comic about me. But please don't be disrespectful. I can still swing a hammer for any photo-op, I still celebrity-teach Sunday School, and I still don't believe my family abused low-paid, sometimes illegal alien workers on ow-wah peanut fahm. Tiki says he'll publish a series of comics about me under the moniker of THE CARTER FAMILY FAVORITES COOKBOOK and I take that as a real honor and authorize him to Google all the images of the real cookbook he wants. Take it away, TikiPundit!

Ya'll jus' click on the images below to see the full size comic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today is the anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. No thanks to Dhimmi Carter. Like a "good" Democrat he ran the economy into the ground. I still remember trying to find a decent job during Carter's Purgatorial.

Blogger Gordon said...

Tiki, Do you do these comix? They're brilliant!

Blogger Rue St. Michel said...

Fantastic photoshop skills ... you da bomb-diggety-Yo!

I remember the malaise that hung over the country like napalm over a rice paddy - interest rates on mortgage/credit cards at 21%, gas prices at an alltime high, the moronic attitudes he brought to our foreign policy, the deconstruction of our military, the 'no nukes' initiative - and the ever-present, ubiquitous posings of dear Amy.

Carter was the proto-type of Clinton. They're both on the same level of dysfunctional leadership but Carter came closest to sincerely ruining this country for decades. He singlehandedly set up the Iran/Iraq war which, in turn, cemented Saddam Husein in power. We are now cleaning up Carter's messes.

What a Southern AssWipe! I wish he'd keep his mouth shut and just build houses for the 'unwashed' masses that adore him.

Excellent blog ... thank you.

Blogger Nixon Casablanca said...

While I barely remember being in existence during the Carter administration (I do recall fearful nightmares that my family and I were going to be taken hostage like those in Iran) there is thankfully a very nice facility in Atlanta that reminds us with high-tech flair how much Carter sucked. The man willingly participates in it as well! I've visited it many times for a cure to boredom and a hearty laugh. I'm working up the bladder control to visit the Clinton Library in my home city.


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