24 November 2005

Last Foto Friday & Big-Time News

Here are some nice pictures of Molokai, an island most people mistakenly overlook. These are from UH archives.

Because of a work move, your friendly local Hawaiian god is going to have to sign off and sail east to the Mainland, to take taro and ahi to the unwashed hungry natives there.

Someday, TikiPundit will return to his heiau on Molokai to tend his taro fields and fishponds, and generally get the locals back in line.

Thanks for reading this blog! See you around sometime!


Blogger Grant Jones said...

Sorry to see you go. Have fun on the mainland.

Blogger Fred said...

You can still blog from the mainland can't you? You will be missed!

Blogger RON said...


Blogger Gordon said...

Please don't be gone too long!


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