15 November 2005

New Blog: The Dougout

Hey, juss about forgot tell you go see good new blog Hawaii.

Check out KalapanaPundit i.e., Grant Jones' blog, over at The Dougout started back October 31. Forget Halloween, dis one good blog and a lotta fun to read.

Grant branched off from The 50th Star and yeah, he too got RSS feed at dis spot. Anybody make RSS OK in my book, 'cause TikiPundit read weird hours, lahk lass nite when spent all nite studying effect of full moon on tides. Study fish flow after full moon tide.

Very tired all day so glad "wireless coconut network" could aggregate RSS feed from the likes of The Dougout.


Blogger Grant Jones said...

Way Cool, thanks for the support.

Now could you tell us what you really think about Harbin! :-)


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