16 November 2005

News Wednesday

ITEM: Crazy foreigners, disturbing lava. Remember, every every time you pile up cold lava, a kitten dies.

ITEM: More bad craziness, this time probably from one of the loony Native Hawaiian fringe groups on-island. 113 years the staffs were there, now gone.

ITEM: The local Red Star Bulletin rag has a great straw man idea, never before done in America. I have a great idea for the RSB: stop sending homeless people into heavy Honolulu traffic to hawk your dumb, failing newspaper.

ITEM: This is highly inflammatory. Also inefficient to users because you have to bow to it every time you use it.

ITEM: I'm all for this. Last thing I wanna see on my home turf of Waikiki is a mime doing a TikiPundit impersonation. How you mime shark fishing and invading Maui?

ITEM: Everyone on the island is going crazy over alcohol bans at Aloha Stadium (site of the Pro Bowl, lousy UH football games and great high school football games). First they talked about banning booze inside the stadium. Then, in the natural order of political events in Hawaii, the reverse was suggested. Now, talk about banning booze at tailgates outside stadium. Next, will talk about banning booze inside the Hawaii State Legislature. Now that ban TikiPundit can support. Those people drunk on power from morning to midnight. Can't make decent decisions.

ITEM: Greenpeace is far more crazy than the Sierra Club. Naturally, as do so many liberals and leftists, the Military-Industrial Complex State was blamed for their coral reef extravagance. Why people don't take responsibility for their own actions or, maybe, pay attention to their surroundings? Who's the captain of the Greenpeace institutional shipwreck? TikiPundit wanna have one-way wall-to-wall conversation about value of reefs. Teach unaware Greenpeace about the importance of ecological conservation.

ITEM: Samoans slandered here. Lunatic Neelesh Phadnis, presiding.

ITEM: Whoops. 27-year CIA veteran leaks US intelligence budget. Why no Justice Department investigation about this??

ITEM: Tell me about it. Japanese ack like monkeys in Honolulu, too.

ITEM: What kine defamation Tiki is dis?


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