16 November 2005

Sierra Club's Fresh Young Volunteer Force Arrives Hawai'i

How come Sierra Club, Earth Liberation Front, and various Berkeley-based agendas got such old people fronting 'em? Take a look at dis:

Old, craven, sour white woman from Sierra Club. An' she posing! Not a natural pic. Everybody got a bad natural picture. Dis woman posing like poster-girl for haole. TikiPundit remember firs' time haole come Hawaii. Bad scene. Good Hawaiian people running aroun' screaming ghosts everywhere! Can see right troo! Den skin turn red from sun, not nice brown. Old haoles, can't tell whether man or woman. Everything confused from first appearance a dem, to now.

First appearance of haoles in Hawaii was a classic example of bad marketing.

TikiPundit tells all, left and right, you gotta properly market your idea, your agenda, your propaganda to the awaiting consumer. Because now, everytime your friendly local Hawaiian god sees the Sierra Club wandering onto his private property (aka the Hawaiian Islands), he gets the mental flash of this image. And den gotta take up spear all day long, sleep with shark-tooth club under pillow at night.

An' who dis Jack Johnson? Gotta perform night march, check out his puka, see what he got going on, cancel something he agreed to. Crazy dysfunction to change mind too much. Out of balance. Maybe Johnson need big-time fishing trip, restore balance. TikiPundit show right way.


Blogger RON said...

If the "got curbside?" label was printed on her T-shirt, then she would have a case....but lugging a sign around her neck, that's lono.


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