15 February 2006

One More Big-Time News

This is your old friend and genial local Hawaiian god TikiPundit, reporting in from the American Southwest.

Went one time to the Southwest Border to bring Hawaiian culture and good food to the unwashed locals. Because never heard about "two scoop rice."

But boat got stuck on giant beach called "Desert Beach." Can't find ocean again to go home.

Then tried "BorderPundit" blog idea but name taken. Just like ancestors from cave grave. "BorderPundit" should be in a museum instead of family, since no one updated that site since lass October.

But no matter. Big-time copyright rule says domain name taken. Also small-time domain registration site enter name from home computer. Made computer crash. Cause fire. Helicopter came, dropped 5000 gallons of water on computer, mistake computer for brush fire. So much for "BorderPundit."

So gotta adjust this site -- gonna make a weblog mashup of Hawaii and the desert. Gonna post on big-time border violence here, crazy people running migrants through the desert, crazy drug loads, lefties and righties running their agendas up and down the border (ponytails vs crewcuts), just all kinds of crazy stuff.

Gonna make pictures too. Brought PhotoShop and ComicLife. Bev Harbin out of sight but not out of mind.

Meanwhile, check out picture of local couple: