16 April 2006

Ala Wai Sewer Canal and Marina

Senator Inouye is looking for federal funds to help repair Waikiki's old sewer system (the pipes, I mean, not the Ala Wai Canal, which was the sewer back in the day.) Inouye believes that because of Fort DeRussy, located in west Waikiki, the feds will cough up money to help out. I think it's a stretch. The military keeps one hotel and a museum there, small potatoes compared to the rest of the overgrown joint. But Inouye is smart enough for your friendly local Hawaiian god to think he could pull something off. What he needs to pull off, in addition, is a way to "reach out and touch" the less-proficient pols on-island who keep allowing construction without understanding the attendant effect on the city's infrastructure. (Forget about any effect on environment in Waikiki. That standard disappeared long ago, save Fort DeRussy, ironically the only genuine green space left around there but for the two bordering parks east and west.)

You can only plug into a sewer system so often before it goes boom. Must have seen 10-15 sewer line breaks in Waikiki in the last two and a half years. Since they're built under streets, you can guess what happens to the already-crowded traffic flow when another "emergency repair" has to be made.


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