08 April 2006

Bev Harbin's New Blog

One unappointed kahunette Bev Harbin got a blog going. Click that to see dat.

Or if your mouse hand is tired, look here:

Check out that retro design! Like a cross between Vegas and "Love, American Style." Are those blurred red lights from a police cruiser?

Here's her Keyword List for search engines:
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28th District,
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How about adding:
--HPD file photo
--back taxes
--hates appointments
--angry local Hawaiian god

Third thing Harbin wrote on 28 Feb, day she started blogging, is, "But once one is elected to office, he or she discovers a new society." We all know about that whole "elected" thing. Harbin rants mightily about the old legislative guard, who the masters are, power brokers, and how high-school students are more than qualified to serve on some Hawaii Legislature Committees.

Worst of all, your friendly local Hawaiian god learns that Harbin is on the Hawaiian Affairs Committee. See what happens when you go away short time? Time to carve out a new war canoe and paddle it into the Legislature, and generally knock heads about in a genial, friendly way.

Now, on this I am in agreement with Harbin: she is no more qualified to sit that committee than a kukua nut.

What I can't figure out is her logic: she writes, "Four of the committees to which I have been appointed, without my consent or even my prior awareness, are beyond my experience and expertise." Then she mocks the same committees with, "I regret that my reluctance to serve on committees for which many high-school students are more qualified than I am..." Goodness! Either Harbin is suffering from a severe case of low self-esteem, or she has less talent than a high school student. Maybe both?

Harbin speaks like a true Democrat when she urges younger House members to "stimulate new rules." That's just what we need. If she thinks the "Olde Guarde" and "voices of reason" are stifling "good government," what will new rules do? They'll add to the problem, of course. Democrats are usually good at spinning new webs when the old strands get frayed.

At the bottom of her site, Harbin urges us: "Be curious! Be aware! Be Involved! Be a factor!" Your friendly local Hawaiian god remains aware that he is curious about Bev's involvement with HPD, and would like to know more, by a factor of 10!


Blogger kidsearch said...

she also had this to say about bloggers.

""They'd rather just sit back and hide behind a computer screen," she said of some bloggers. "They won't come out and scrap."

My post on that here.


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