21 April 2006

Who Tried to Out General (RET) Shinseki?

Let's talk for a minute about local boy General (RET) Eric Shinseki, who served as Army Chief of Staff from 1999-2003.

Shinseki, a Japanese-American from over Kauai, did indeed serve his full term as Army CoS, contrary to enraged (and ignorant) comments that he was 'fired.' That means: from 22 June 1999 to 11 June 2003, for the math challenged. Whoops, looks like he missed four years by 11 days -- proof of the eeeeeevil Rumsfeld conspiracy to dump him. Because, you know, no servicemember in the history of the military ever got released early.

If you want to learn a little bit about Eric Shinseki and are not in Hawaii to visit the Army museum at Fort DeRussy, then check out one Wikipedia entry here.

[For those not in the know, Fort DeRussy and the eeeeeevil Army are the maintainers of the last green space in Waikiki, the Fort being a park open to the public. We talk about that later and one deranged guest editorialist bitching about Waikiki's development.]

NOW. Let's get to the meat of this post last. Like any good blogger, your friendly local Hawaiian god pontificates and rambles first, and cuts to the chase long after the chase has ended.

The Honolulu Red Star Bulletin wrote on 19 April that Shinseki is "vindicated by [the] retired generals' revolt." That's pretty revolting. Shinseki -- probably owing to good character and upbringing -- has stayed out of the trouble-making business after his retirement. He has not commented on the Gang of Seven, or anything else relating to his time as Army CoS and the run-up to the Iraq war.

The RSB writes,

In a recent interview with Newsweek, Shinseki declined to join the retired brass calling for Rumsfeld's resignation. However, he said the "person who should decide on the number of troops (to invade Iraq) is the combatant commander." That was Gen. Tommy Franks, now retired, who supports Rumsfeld.

Despite Shinseki's proper referral to the field commander, the Red Star Bulletin tried to hawk his statement to Congress on Iraq troop strength and, effectively, attempt to "out" him as a member of the Gang of Seven, making him accomplice Number Eight. That's made worse by the fact that he referred to the field general who supports Rumsfeld.

This would be disgraceful, except we're talking about the press. Given that factor, it's business as usual by Mainsteam Media, aka MSM.

But I'm not saying that the RSB is MSM. It's better tabbed as Regional Stream Media (RSM). Or maybe Island Stream Media (ISM). Or, given recent events, Sewage Stream Media (SSM).

Just so you know, inside the Army and across commands, Shinseki remains known (and largely vilified) for his introduction of the black beret as standard issue for soldiers and officers. That the Army Rangers were then forced to change the color of their beret from black to tan did not sit well with snake-eating door-kickers either.

But shush, irate lefties and righties. Your friendly local Hawaiian god does not long tolerate dissent. There is a shark-tooth club waiting for the worst of you miscreants.

The Honolulu Red Star Bulletin's editorial staff, consisting, best as we can tell through our celestial markings, our observances of leaf-growth, and our understanding of shark movements beyond the reefs, consists of David Black, Dan Case, Dennis Francis, Larry Johnson, Duane Kurisu, Warren Luke, Colbert Matsumoto, Jeffrey Watanabe, Michael Wo, Dennis Francis, Lucy Young-Oda, Frank Bridgewater, Michael Rovner, and Mary Poole.

And every last one of them should leave Eric Shinseki alone, just as he has left OSD, DOD, SECDEF, CJCS, JCS, JS and everyone else alone since he retired. Which is what officers do when they, as GEN MacArthur said, "just fade away."


Anonymous RONW said...

actually the building which houses the Fort DeRussy museum was scheduled to be demolished....but the walls of the bunker, which the building was built as, was too thick and impossible to implode....or at least, that obstacle worked in favor of the preservationists.


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