13 April 2006

General Insousciance

UPDATE: Scroll down for the latest Motivational Posters by disgruntled ex-generals.

UPDATE II: I was going to post a ton of links to this sad story, but why bother? -- There's a killer list killer at UNPARTISAN. Click down for another poster, this time of the latest big-mouth, aka Number Seven, a guy who never worked for SECDEF Rumsfeld.

UPDATE III: Paul Eaton joins the poster crew. Scroll down for GOG7 goodness.

Pulled from seasonal maintenance of my coconut palm patch by the ever-articulate wordcraft of The Belgravia Dispatch, your friendly local Hawaiian god is at a loss to explain the extraordinary treachery and seditious behavior presently being exhibited by what were previously assumed to be the cream of the crop of America's military forces.

I'm not talking about NCOs. They still are the cream of the crop.

I refer instead to a set of retired general officers, who are revealed to have been primping, career-oriented, self-obsessed, whiny dirtbags lacking in basic ethics training and, who generally spent their time in the military as war profiteers of a different sort. If all of them don't have draft chapters of their swan-song books cubbyholed away on their hard drives, I'd be more surpsied than a hooker at a lacrosse party. Or else they're up every morning in a suit and tie, before the mirror on the back of their bedroom door, practicing their "military analyst" serious pose and reciting what few facts about current military operations they can still glean from those on active duty.

Therefore, enraged by their seditious behavior and repulsed by their cowardice, your friendly local Hawaiian god has commissioned a set of motivational posters to entice, improve and enhance the office environments of those who would mimic them as they rise to the top of the military's pecking order. You know, lootenants and such who look to general officers for mentoring and such.

My Polynesian artists are slaving away in the taro fields by day, as usual, and creating these posters by night, so results are slow despite my wielding of the shark-tooth club. You know, I can't just kill them. It takes MONTHS for new artists from Samoa to be canoed in.

Here are the first two:


Blogger Londradical said...


Anonymous Greg London said...

Interesting that you call these Generals cowards because you think they should have publicly challenged Rumsfeld while they were still on active duty, and subject ot possible political retribution that can come to Generals via the white house.

And yet, your entire blog appears devoid of any and all personal information. Which seems to say to me that you're conveniently keeping your head down and anonymous. If you were as brave as you demand these generals to be, wouldn't you at least be calling them cowards and sign your name to these accusations? Or are you waiting until you retire before you let your name be known?

Anonymous Don Shanghai said...

And yet, your entire blog appears devoid of any and all personal information.

Who gives a rat's ass about his personal information? Looking to load up the mud cannon, are you?

Anonymous greg london said...

I don't give a rat's ass, really. I just find it funny, hypocritical, insert word of choice here, that the "Tiki God" is taking pot shots at some generals for waiting until after they retire to speak up against Bush. That the great and powerful Tiki God is saying these guys should have had the guts to oppose Bush while they were still active duty and open to retribution from the Pentagon and White House. Rather than waiting until they retire and then taking "pot shots" at Rumsfeld when the White House can't pressure to have them fired.

Meanwhile, the great and courageous Tiki God is doing all this anonymously. He isn't even following his own advice. He's calling these generals for not standing up and publicly opposing Rumsfeld while in office, and he's doing it from a concealed and anonymous position.

So, I don't give a rat's ass, I find it hilariously hypocrical to call these generals cowards from an anonymous blog. If the great and powerful tiki god were to follow his own advice, he'd have the guts to put his name and address to his criticism of the Generals, lead by example, and all that. Which would mean he would expose himself to possible negative consequences of standing up and criticising these generals, rather than doing so from a concealed and anonymous position.

But I don't give a rat's ass, really. Like I said, I'm just calling a hypocrite for what he is.

Blogger James Macdonald said...

So, Tiki, you have a problem with brave and dedicated men who have put their lives on the line to defend the constitution? You don't think they should continue to defend the constitution? What exactly is your problem with this group of patriots?

Anonymous ccplanner said...

These posters will go up at CENTCOM HQ tomorrow. Not only do we have to fight terrorists and insurgents and the lies of the media now we have to fight our own ex-FO/GOs.

Anonymous Ice Pirate said...

Out of roughly 4700 currently retired flag officers, a whopping 6 come forward to back stab the admistration. I wonder how may of them have books about to come out.

An officer of real courage and conviction would do as MacAurther did, and not snipe once he's in civilian life, to generate "buzz" and line his pockets with book proceeds.


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