15 April 2006

The Generals: Gang of Six Gets Another

We now have a Gang of Seven speaking out against SECDEF Rumsfeld.

Lieutenant General (RET) Paul K. Van Riper has weighed in, stating in press, "I admire those who have stepped forward, and I agree with the arguments they are making. I count myself in the same camp."

Now TikiPundit weighs in, stepping forward and agreeing to place Van Riper on yet another Motivational Poster.

Scroll down for PhotoShop goodness.

Van Riper retired in 1997.


Anonymous greg london said...

"stick it to the man after you took his money for 30 years."

Bwhaaahahahaha. So, Jeffrey Wigand should have just shut up and said nothing? He was on the payroll for several years before he "stuck it to the man". Does money buy silence and compliance?

"Joining your unfaithful collegues to bitch about your former boss, the american taxpayer"

Nice try. They're bitching about Donald Rumsfeld, not the american taxpayer. but keep trying to spin it that way, and maybe you'll start to believe your own propaganda.

"You risked everything to stand up for your principles except your paycheck."

"You took care of your career. You earned the retirement check. Now comes the biteback."

Really? John Batiste declined a promotion to Lieutenant General and RESIGNED.

And Major General Charles Swannack register his complaints while on active duty.

So, some of these Generals complained while on active duty and ended their careers rather than go along with something they could not support.

"You've been out of the game since 1997. But you're opportunistic. You find a way back in."

Really, TikiGod? Does this mean you are IN the game this very moment? You're active duty military serving under Rumsfeld? If not, then I think someone with 20 or 30 years experience in the military who has been out for some years is far better "in the game" than some snot-nosed civilian who gets his military training watching "Rambo" and sit back and take anonymous pot shots at men who have served 20 and 30 years in the military each, taking anonymous pot shots at men like Anthony Zinni who was awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

All these men at least had the guts to stand up and put their name to something. TikiGod, on the other hand, keeps himself safely anonymous, while preaching about his definition of what is bravery and what is cowardice, all the while managing to not apply his own definition to himself.


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