30 April 2006

May 1st: A Day Without Mexican Immigrants?

Answer my prayers, muchacho.

So Monday is the big coming-out party for illegals in the USA, as well as those who support them. By support, I don't mean the people who hire gardeners. I mean the Selma Hayek types and the California Legislature.

As for your friendly local Hawaiian god, I'm gonna go to the Mainland, by way of my trusty war canoe, and buy pizza, a good food that became great when American GIs returning from WW2 improved the Italian style into what it is today.

Because Lord knows, I just can't find decent Mexican food at home on my islands. Even if the clowns here working up those lousy burritos and tacos, and re-heating canned re-fried beans, show up for work on May 1st.

And after that, I go to Wal-Mart. On the border of El Paso - Juarez, Walton's parking lot is usually full of cars with Chihuahua State license plates. Maybe for once there will be ample parking, and the store aisles won't be strewn with empty shoe boxes, popcorn, and shopping carts of the Mexicans who cross like lemmings to buy touch lamps and door mats on the cheap. Maybe for once the store won't be full of Mexicans pondering the vagaries of the US dollar/cent system, because, you know, they'll instead be at home in Juarez, pondering the significance of their noble act as they breathe the deliciously polluted air of that armpit metropolis and count the bodies laying in their streets from the latest drug cartel shootout.


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